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Several suggestions and criticism

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Dima K Member Since: Sep 25, 2012
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1) oDesk markets itself with slogan: "the hour you work, the hour is billed" (or something like that). But that's not true. First of all, you must work only for clients with approved payment method. Secondly, it applies only to hourly projects. Thirdly, you must track time and not log manually. And the last one is that the client is billed at the end of the work week — that is the main problem. What if the client will not have the money on the credit card? The week of work is left unbilled. At the same time oDesk takes 10% for every hour you work for its *service*. And what about fixed-price projects? There is no guarantee at all that you will be payed, BUT oDesk still takes 10% (!)... hm, what is the reason here? Why should I pay 10% if oDesk will not even lift a finger to solve the problem. 2) Feedback system. Everything seems good until you get a negative feedback. What can you do in this case? oDesk offers an option to remove it — you should refund your client in order the feedback to be removed. OK. How do you think, how much you should refund: since last week or since the whole beginning? Logic tells us that if client doesn't like the contractor he would close the contract within 1 week and will not continue working with him. Also if contractor was very good all the time (for example 2 years) and in the end something bad happened and he failed. In both cases contractor will receive bad feedback. And in order to remove this feedback you should return ALL the money you earned since the start of the contract (!!!). For a one week contract that's ok, but what about 1-2 year contracts. Should I return $40-50k in order to remove single bad feedback which was caused by one problem in the end? One wrong step and your profile which you were building for several years is ruined - great perspective, huh? I perfectly understand that bad specialists should have bad feedbacks, but I'm talking here about some difficult situations over which the contractor has small/no control. 3) oDesk site and app. You are earning so much money you could build anything you want. But for 10%/h we get this ** service. The response time on the site is 2-3s delay before anything would start to render. The interface is poor and is always in the process of development. When I work and track my hours, those hours don't reflect immediately at "My Jobs" page, instead i have to wait, refresh the page and etc because you can't rewrite this slow php zend framework (or whatevs) ** to something more perfomant using proper architecture and algorithms. oDesk tracking app says that it takes screenshots every 10 minutes, but what happens in real life? Sometime it takes a snapshot in a 10 mins, sometimes in 5 mins or 15 mins. If you are idle it wouldn't take snapshots at all. Wat? If it's some kind of system to resist people who don't work, then there is no sense in it — if the client would like to see how productive the contractor was he could simple look at the activity ratio and the work progress etc. But with this technique you restrain people to do work which is connected with some thinking or etc. 4) Tests. As for this I really don't know how to express my level of frustration — most of them contain outdated, unrelated sometimes almost unnecessary questions. I've given up to click this "report" button after each question. 5) Payments. oDesk is heavily oriented on clients. Why? Why do you give preference to one side if both sides bring you income? For example: payment schedule. Why there is 1.5 week of delay in order to get your money? Because there is a probability that the client will be unsatisfied and will dispute. OK, that's good. But what about the contractor? Can only client be unsatisfied? Why should contractor wait for 1.5 week? Why don't you reduce this time to 3 days? Another thing is withdrawal fee. Is it fair to bill for withdrawal when you are already taking 10% from each hour? Isn't it enough? I think you should also take fee for applying to jobs — that would be fair. I've also read recently about "brand new oDesk algorithm" which hides some jobs applications from client. No comments here. Summing up: if you continue to build business this way, you'll simply lose your clients. *Really* looking forward to your feedback and changes. *Removed by admin*