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Sharing portfolio to people who don’t have upwork accounts

Is there a way to share your whole profile or portfolio to people without them having to create an account? When I've tried to do this, it will only display a limited portion of my profile and work even though I have already set the account to "public."


Hi Morgyoung,


Thank you for your message. Yes, the purpose of our logged-out site is to give prospective clients and freelancers a feel for what Upwork has to offer so that they can decide whether to join our platform; it is not intended to reflect all the jobs and all the profiles available on Upwork. That's the role of the logged-in site, which is only visible to our registered users. Please note that some jobs are originally posted as private or visible to logged in Upwork users only. Contracts formed based on those job postings will also not show in visitor view of your profile for privacy reasons.


Thank you


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