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Should I change my name on my profile ?

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Mohamed A. A Member Since: Mar 8, 2017
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Dear community,

A few hours ago, when was submitting my driver's license during the ID verification, it says that the name must be written exactly as it is on my profile.
On my profile, my name is "Mohamed A."
But on my driver's license, it is displayed as: "Mohamed Amine"

Note: "Amine" is my second name (sometimes displayed, not always)

Question#1. Do I have to change the name on my profile? So that it matches 100% as in my driver's license.


Usually, my first name "Mohamed" can be displayed as follows:
Mohamed (in my Driver License)
Mohammed (on my lease contract)
Mohamad (on my phone bill)
Mhammed (on my bank account)
M'hammed (on my 2nd bank account) 
The reason for this is that all these names are written in Arabic:  "محمد"

Question#2 : In my profile, should I put My Name as Displayed on my Bank Account to be able to add it as payment method ? Or should I open a new bank account and make sure to get this time my name displayed as shown on my Upwork profile ?
Thank you so much in advance for your precious help!

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Mohamed, 

Name variations are usually approved, But if there are any issues with the ID you submitted, the team will reach out to you through an email with more information.