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Should I create a new profile or specialized profile

Hello All,


I am planning to offer Project Management services on Upwork. I currently have a profile of Admin category. I am struggling to make a decision. Should I create a specialized profile or create a new Upwork profile? Can anyone help me in this? 




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Muhammad,

Please keep in mind that opening more than one account is a serious violations of our TOS.

Specialized profiles allow you to tailor your profile to your audience and to create variations of your profile that showcase your experience within specific categories. To learn more about this check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks for your answer. Do clients prefer to hire freelancers who have
specialized profile? What's your experience in this?

Hi Muhammad Bilal,


Specialized profiles allow freelancers to better describe the work they do and showcase their skills, portfolio items and previous work experience in a format that helps clients find the best freelancers for their specific projects. Our research shows that Specialized profiles better reflect the way clients search for freelancers they would like to hire and describe the work they need to be done when posting jobs.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan
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