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Should I pay for a dispute?


I want to ask Upwork for a dispute as client won't pay me for the milestone after me sending finished work.


I've found some information that I shoud pay for the dispute. Is it true?


Dispute is free but CAN NOT make a binding decision for legal reasons. If dispute fails to resolve it it HAS to go to arbitration, and whoever does not pay the arbitration fee loses by default.


how many revisions did you specify in the contract to be included? Because if you did NOT you are on somewhat thin ice. 

If this was a fixed-price contract with the milestone funded, and the OP sent the work and asked for the funds to be released, then  it is for the client to dispute not the freelancer. Unless the client disputes,  the freelancer will get paid on a job that has been funded.


No Nicola the client can just play the "request changes" game until the freelancer contacts Support to initiate a dispute. 


The "request changes" button does NOT initiate a dispute!!


So essentially the freelancer can keep submitting and requesting payment and the client can keep requesting changes until someone contacts Support to start a dispute.

It is crazy!!!


But I think I will try it anyway, maybe he will be so kind to pay me for the part of work.


Thank's everyone for answers and help!

Sorry, Petra, I didn't know this was possible on a fixed-rate job - and that is scary!


So, the client won't pay me for 7 images, 'cause he need 10 images, not 7)

He asked me for changes again and still hope I will do 3 more images for him.

I think it can lasts forever even if I will agree to redraw them. He may want more and more redrawings after that...

Great system...

Nothing else to say


So, be careful even if the client seems to be nice and have a good rates, make a lot of revisions and like your work.

One day it may suddenly change and your time, money and reputation is lost.

In fairness I have never even ONCE had a client request any changes, ever, since I have been on this platform.


Do *NOT* just end the contract.


Either do the 3 drawings and make sure you do, in future, stipulate right from the beginning how many revisions are included in the price, or tell the client that as he approved the work from the low res images you will have no choice but take this to dispute.


I still think that this could and should be able to be resolved amicably with good will.....



I was never asked to do any changes before too, even if the client haven't seen any sketches or phases of work...


This client was commenting my sketches, unfinished works, finished works and I always did everthing he was asking.

That is why I just can't understand what is happening... I asked him why he didn't tell I need to redraw these images after I've sent finished images in low resolution, but only after me sending original files... He didn't answer, he is sure I have to redraw as many as he want, or he just won't pay...


We had no any discussions about ammount of revisions ( I never had them so I never even though about that), but I think it wouldn't help anyway. 

'Cause he said images looks nice, and than he is saying I need to redraw them. I'm sure he knows he is not right...

But I can't get my payment and he knows aboout that. That is why he just want me to do what he want and can manipulating forever.


I'm sure I am right and I can win the dispute, but I'm not sure he will agree with the decision...

But I won't spend more money for arbitration and this awful client. It didn't worth it. 

Community Guru
You should wait for 15 days after requesting the release of amount in Escrow. After 15 days amount will be released to you if client is not opening dispute..

Muhammad Saif U, please tell what is it? Is it possible to do for a fixed-price job and if so what should I do?


Because I can onl submit work, but my client will always ask for changes...

Hi Olga,


Please refer to the extensive information Petra posted about the Dispute process. Please check this Help article and feel free to check in with our Support team, but Petra did explain all the options and best practice when it comes to disagreements like the one you have with your client.


Thank you for the information, Vladimir!


I've found this article yesterday and  I thought that I can get my payment this way, but as Arbitration costs 290$ I will loose even more money this way... So it's not a choice for me...



@Olga S wrote:

I've found this article yesterday and  I thought that I can get my payment this way, but as Arbitration costs 290$ I will loose even more money this way... So it's not a choice for me...


 Are you actually READING what is being written?


You do not HAVE to go all the way to arbitration. You can contact support and try dispute first.

Or you can simply give up and let the client get away with it. This is YOUR choice. YOU go ahead and take it, either way, but don't complain about the consequences of your own choices.

I am reading everthing and I am very thankful everyone for answers, support and help.

I will try to do everything I can!

I just don't believe it will help... But I will surely try, there is nothing more to loose