Should I provide my National ID and Passport scanned copy to client.

Hi, Recently I applied for a hourly basis data entry job. Now the client want to hire me. But he/she want my National ID, Passport or Driver license scanned copy. He/she is saying me that she will send me some PDF files and I have to insert data into excel from those PDF files. And those PDF files are important and that's why his/her company need my National ID, Passport scanned copy for security. Now, how I can trust him/her. He/she is not a verified client. What should I do now?

report the client, its a scam

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Don't do it -it is 100% scam. Also report the client to the customer service or flag the ad(job posting.)

A client can ask for this as part of a non-disclosure agreement and it's your choice to send it or not. Check the work history of the client. I can assure you there are legit clients that do ask, it's for identity verification. [quote=Tony H.]If you do (it's not uncommon for some who are concern with security, I've done it before, as well as National Police Security clearance) ... use Photoshop or whatever to blackout the passport number, and expiry dates. personally, I've done this many times. Consider the risk with the background and size of the client's company., and make up your own mind if it seems legit or not[/quote]

I agree with the above, you have to balance each case on its merits. If you do send anything, just black out any reference numbers, and your DOB, etc,. and only leave what's necessary to prove you are who you say you are.