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Should I raise the dispute?

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Jay S Member Since: May 31, 2020
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Hello Freelancers,

Background: I am video editor and so my work is to edit videos. I made a proposal to Katy (not her real name). She responded and gave me the work. I finished the work in one and half day ( usually it takes this much time to deliver a fully edited video).

After i sent the link of my work to her, she responded in just 3 or 4 minutes (BTW the video was 16 minutes long). And said this are problems with the video and responded like you (i) haven't followed my(her) instructions (even some the changes have been made by me already and when i pointed out that changes are done she responds "sorry for confusion "). So i said okay let's redo this. Again same thing happened. I again edited and this time i was careful. So basically this happened 3 times and one time pre-edited (which i send just make sure all files are recieved by me and files are correct).
In those 3 time she won't see her full video and just text me this you not done and all (even though those things are already been done).
When i started she gave me editor's script and i followed that and now she texts me that this are the things you haven't done. if i let other person to see the script (basically instructions) and video that person would have been agreed that i have followed the instructions. Even when i point out those edits to katy she agrees that changes are correct. And finally she hasn't paid full and said you don't understand me.

I have done many editing before, i understand changes are there. And to this time no one has said me that i haven't followed instructions or haven't met there expectations. What should i do now she is not ready to watch her video being edited correctly and according to her instructions (now she just replied in seconds) and ended contract wanting to refund her money.

Now i left with 3 different videos of her and a refund request.

I have already spent more time on this project and tired. Should i raise the conflict. And what happens if i raise conflict. (I read articles also)

Please Any advice and suggestions would help.
EDIT: Grammar and post made through mobile.
Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Jay,


Please keep in mind that when a refund request is sent, you will have 7 days to respond. If no actions are taken from your end, the funds will be returned to the client. 
If you decline the request, a dispute will be opened with our dispute team. To learn more about our dispute process check out this Thread. If you have any additional questions, feel free to follow up here. Thank you.