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Should I refund the client

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The most recent client I worked with provided a very unfair feedback in my view. The client asked for lots of reworks for work that was already according to standards. I do not see the feedback as objective. I did give him good feedback although he did not deserve it.


I did communicate with the client regarding this but although he admitted it nothing has changed, although I enabled him to change it.


Upwork is an extremely friendly environment for clients and an unfair environment for freelancers where even open contracts (left open based on an agreement with the client) can lower your score. 


At some point, it becomes exhausting and drains you of positive energy.


I am currently contemplating refunding the client to remove the feedback. I prefer to not have a low score on my profile. Money can be compensated. I know refunding will affect my JSS, but it will be temporary, and I won't have low stars on my profile.


What is your opinion on this?






Community Guru

Well only you can decide if you should refund the money or just suck it up and move on.  Of course, amount of money and how much work you put in also comes in play.  I agree with you that Upwork is most friendly to buyers.


On the other hand the shrewd buyers have learned the 'ins and out' of getting free stuff.  If you were to refund the money you are basically encouraging that behavior. 


As I mentioned before, you only can decide how much you rely on getting jobs through upwork to supplement your other income.  I had a situation and I refused to 'compromise', but I do have the luxury of relying zero income from Upwork.

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