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Should I report this client?

Hello folks, I hope you are all well.  Here's the story.


Recently, I took a job from this client via Upwork, and at the beginning, I proposed a schedule of the first 8 hours, includes estimation for each step (research style or template/ refine existing design/  iterate). He seems ok and sent me the contract, so I signed up and proceed with the proposal, however, after 5:30 hours working hour, he took a look the time tracker, said "I can't accept current style, and the way you track the time is crap, others will not include researching time"  It's ok if you don't like the style, I can change or iterate anyway, and since the project just began, so if you had any issues, we can discuss it to see how to solve the problem, I also tagged stages in time tracker app, I think it's ok.


But what really lemme feel offensive and discriminated is after I asked: "can you tell me more what you think about the style? which part you think is not match your expectations?"  He answered, "You must try different styles and then come out a good one, you just do it casually, can not be counted in the time tracker, I didn't see you put styles we agreed in design, you just simply adding simple component on the page, it doesn't count, even I can do it in less 2 hours" I agree with the idea of diverse to converse, however, the extracted color palette already shared with him before designing a page, I also explained it's designed from scratch, need to build a basic design system, I also tried two versions. But, still, I think non-designer don't understand the design process, always think it's a simple job, it is ok to me, every designer can help to explain it, but to be judged as "doing work casually", "I can do it in 2 hours"?  I don't like it.


After a few more discussion, I continue to explain how I designed this page, and why design like this, and hope he can tell more, but he just said "The layout looks not harmony", "It's not like designed", "Let's set an agreement, I'll agree maximum gives you 2 hours payment and leave positive feedback" Well, at the end I don't want to affect my JSS, so agreed, deleted 3:30 hours from the tracker, and now waiting for him to end the contract. But deep down I'm still a bit worried. 


Ok, so that's the end of the story, well, deeply I'm aware this is the daily life of a designer, but still, emotionally, I feel offended and don't know what's the impact to my JSS, maybe this is the reason why I wrote this post.


So any comments?


p.s, all the conversation and files/screenshots are tracked on Upwork messages, but not in English. 

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Should you report this client?


Um... Why?

On what basis?


If you don't want to work with a client, then don't work with him.


You can't report a client simply because you don't like somebody or because you're having a bad day.

Preston H wrote:


Should you report this client?


Um... Why?

On what basis?


Feedback manipulation, which is a violation of the terms of service.


It seems you didn't read the "If you delete 3 and a half hours I give you 5 star feedback" part.


Obviously reporting the client doesn't change whatever feedback the clients leaves or what impact the client's private feedback has on the OPs JSS:

Hi Preston, 😂, maybe you are right, I'm not sure either, maybe just writing here to make me feel better? LOL

Totally understand. This client seems like a very frustrating person to work for. The Forum is a good place to vent frustrations.


You described a lot of things the client did and said which I would classify as good reasons to stop working for a client.


Definitely don't take those things personally. His words and actions reveal his character. They are not about you.

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Community Manager

Hi Guoming,


Could you please send me a private message with more information on this along with the screenshot in which the client asked you to remove hours from your work diary and receive positive feedback? I'll check that for you and assist you further.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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