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Should i share the project file when its not written in the description?

I just finished a contract that the client asked me to also share the project file. That was not written in the description though. In the job description was asking for a final render of an image and video, not the actual 3d model.


He also told me that I cant share it yet on my portfolio. Because they want to apply it for a contest. And they will inform me when i can upload it.... 😕

This sounds a bit suspicious or am I too weird? haha


Should i share the project(.blend) file? (the project file contains all the work i did, so they can easily modify it and claim it as theirs)


Thank you


Hi Achilleas,


If your contract with the client has been completed and they still wish to continue working with you, please discuss with them so that they can send you another contract with the description of the job they require. 

~ Joanne

yes the contract ended. When they asked for the project file i said i have to ask Upwork first because it wasnt written in the description to share the project file too.


yes they said that they might need me again for more. but if they do have knowledge of 3d modeling (that they might) they might just change my project. its not completely bad though but they probably wont hire me again...


thank you for your response

it was really helpful


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re: "Should i share the project file when its not written in the description?"


When a freelancer is hired using an hourly contract, then ALL work product belongs to the paying client. It isn't up to the freelancer to decide what files to deliver to the client and what files to not deliver.


But what about a fixed-price contract?
That is different.

A fixed-price contract means that the freelancer is ONLY obligated to deliver what was specifically specified in the task agreement.


Here is an example:
A blog owner hired a baker to bake a St. Patrick's Day-themed cake and take photos of it, for the blog. The baker did so, and sent the photos to the blog owner. The baker DID NOT SEND THE CAKE. The cake itself was not a specified deliverable.


It would have been wrong for the client to ask the freelancer (the baker) to send the cake.

Here is another example:
A client hired a 3D artist to create a 3D model of a crime scene and send the final rendered video file. The experienced freelancer made sure that the client knew that this contract only included the final video file, and that no 3D model files would be delivered to the client. The client confirmed that he understood this. The freelancer send the final video file to the client. The client released the full escrow payment and closed the contract.

i get your point. very good examples

but why should be a difference on an hourly and fixed price contract on that subject?


why the " ONLY obligated to deliver what was specifically specified in the task agreement" doesnt go for both type of contracts?


because a 3d model and a 3d render are 2 different products, even if they contain the same thing.

cause most of the clients need only one of them.


my contract was hourly




re: "my contract was hourly"


None of the files you created while working on this project belong to you.


These files belong to the client.


It is inappropriate for you to not send the files to the client,

The client should not even need to ask.

If the client needs to ask for any files, then he should mark the freelancer down when leaving feedback.


re: "but why should be a difference on an hourly and fixed price contract on that subject?"


Because that is what is stated in the contract thst you agreed to and that is what is stated in the Upwork TOS that you agreed to abide by.

It wasnt written in the contract

Great thank you
I didn't remember that it was upwork's policy
That's why I asked here to be sure
Thank you very much

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