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Showing irrelvant results by searching specific search term

I did plan to optimize my profile and for this purpose, I thought to check what other Freelancers are providing and when I did search on UPWORK I got irrelevant results.

Like I search the term "SEO" but I got "Translator", Data Scientist" and other results instead of showing me SEO Freelancer Profiles who are giving SEO-based services.

I am assuming the UPWORK search query is not working well and not relevant results.I used different filters as well but not get relevant results 


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Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Aamir,


Thank you for the feedback, I will share it with our team. 
I would also like to note, that clients and freelancers have different searches and results. 

~ Goran

It was working fine. I always select "Talent" and then search my query and I always got relevant results but for a few weeks I am getting this issue and not getting relevant results.

I request someone and he searched from the "Client" profile and he also got irrelevant results. Screenshot is attached


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