Showing "Sorry, something went wrong."



When i tried to view my profile it is showing message "Sorry, something went wrong.". What would be the reason for it.





Great question. I just had a hopeful new client tell me this as well.


Glad I'm paying $10 a month for this type of stuff.

I am not able to see my "My Stats" page as well. Is it a site issue?

Niether can I and as usual the 'live' is showing... nah we're cool everything is great here..


cracks me up they just took my $10 for my upped membership as the client was letting me know it didn't work. Always amazed at how the fees come first here at UPW 

Please any Top Kudoed Members or any one from Upwork can help us to resolve this issue. 


I'm getting a "Sorry, something went wrong." message when I try to review job candidates for a new job I posted. I can see their profile for a few seconds, then I get the error message.

Thanks Bruce, so now we know it's happening on both sides. I'll do what I usually do in matters like this. I'll just wait and hope it comes back on and I'll visit my other freelancer site that works while waiting.

I can see My profile and My stats page, Please check. It's working properly now.

I jinxed it. Back up. Listen I love UPW and I do appreciate when they update the live status page but it does irk me when thing like this do NOT go on the status page. this is huge especially when applying for jobs. HUGE.


But still thanks for your work.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Mandar and others,


Sorry about the issues with accessing some pages. Our engineers are currently investigating the issue and evaluating it's impact. We'll have this thread and the status page updated accordingly. 


Thank you for your patience.


UPDATE: we can confirm that the issue has already been fixed. Let us know if you continue experiencing the issue.

~ Valeria

Thanks for the reply Valeria.