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Silliest "matching" experience ever (so far)

UW sends an email periodically (weekly?) called Here are new jobs you may be interested in. It only takes a minute or two to check out the list. Occasionally, it includes one or two projects that are worth a few seconds to look at and even more rarely, one that merits submitting a proposal.

Today it includes a project that could be a perfect fit: "Survey Creator". Clicking on it takes me to a screen with the message, "This job is a private listing. Browse Copy Editing Jobs to find jobs just like this one!" Below the message are several projects ranging from Data Entry to Book Editing. Nothing on the entire page has anything whatsoever to do with designing, building, conducting, or analyzing customer surveys which is a distinct and complex discipline.

It's likely the client's choice to list the job as private, hopefully because they have a FL in mind and want to avoid the open market scrum. If not, then they are missing out on good matches like me. In any event, UW needs to stop sending links to private jobs in the email. (This is not the first time, just one of the more stupid circs and I had time to share it.)


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Hey Phyllis, in my experience the list of matches email is an automatic delete because it rarely adds any value because I have already applied to the truly appropriate Jobs. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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