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Silly Client Budgets

In the last couple of days I have seen clients from Europe and the US asking for translations for silly budgets - luckily they don't always find someone (if its too silly), but often they do. Even with German translators where you don't find too many in economically weaker countries, where this would still amount to a reasonable income. Good rates on here are less than half of what a qualified translator in the UK would charge, and then clients still aren't happy with those budget prices. Wouldn't it make sense for providers of a certain skill group to agree on a minimum rate on here, e.g. German translators on a minimum per word rate to charge? Just a thought...

Unfortunately, there will always be clients trying to get something for nothing. There will also always be freelancers willing to accept lower rates. Odesk is testing a minimum wage system, but it's not available to everyone. Who knows if they'll decide to roll it out permanently.

Hm, is that the $3 or $4 per hour? The problem is that there is such a discrepancy in what this amount is worth to different people. You know just as well that working one hour in order to buy a loaf of bread here in the UK is not a realistic proposition. And if you do a job that can be done by someone in Pakistan or India like IT or programming etc., well, say no more. Its just not as easy... but for German translation it is a bit more difficult to get something for nothing I would have thought, but still, there are people offering to work for $0.01 per word. That client I was talking about earlier didn't find anybody though, ha, ha, at least.

It's much more than silly. I recently saw a job posting (which I won't reveal here) where the budget was $300. Even setting aside for the moment that this price is *way* below industry standard for a job that size, this would be at least two weeks work (possibly three). Now, I'm not completely inexperienced here on oDesk. I've had some work through oDesk so I don't think I need to take any job just to get my foot in the door. It simply won't be worth the time. Thoughts?

I actually saw a job for $0.15 ph and the client was being deadly serious. The duties were that of a full time job and people applied. Nuts!