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Silly bug



 This is something silly I just noticed. I thought it best to post it here, rather than bothering support with this, and if is necessary somebody could pass along the information. 


 So, it goes like this: I made a nice cover letter for a job, answered all the questions, etc. I have a nice folder to attach with my cv, references, etc etc. I added a new folder to this, and suddenly, it goes over the 25mb limit. No problem, I re-structure the folder, delete some things, etc... Now I got the allowed amount for attachments. And yet... nothing happens. It doesn't attach anymore. So you have to copy in a word file everything you've written, and then refresh the page in order to attach everything again. Which means copying everything you've written again. 


 It is just something silly I've noticed, so I though I would pass it along, and maybe some tech specialists can look into it.

Thats all folks! 🙂 



Slightly off topic.... you attach 25mb of your CV and references and "etc etc" to proposals?



 well, i didn't mean to. See all my written work is done in audio format (on sale via audible.com/es./etc). So I just copied and pasted a couple of the folders for samples. Didn't even look at the size of the audios 🙂 

By the way, I do not make attachements to all the jobs I apply for. Only some of them 🙂


Have you tried simply renaming the folder for the second try? I never send folders but I usually rename files, when I send them a second time for any reason. 

Hi Gerald:


 No. I did not. I simply tried to attach them again, and the function just didn't work at all. So I simply refreshed the page, copied everything again and attached the new, smaller, folder. That was all. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Carol, I'd like our team to investigate the problem you report, but in order to check the files and replicate the problem they'd need to have access to the job post and other relevant information. Please submit a support request and we'll proceed with reviewing the flow you reported. Thank you.


Ok, Vlad, I've just done that. 


 I didn't think it was serious enought to bother support, but there you go. 🙂 

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