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Single member llc

I would need to be paid to my business which is a single member LLC and not me personally. Is that doable? My company has its own bank account and it's registered with the government and I am the only employee. I just need to make sure that payments would be made out to my company's name and not my name and deposited into my company's bank account.
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You can certainly have UW deposit into a company bank account. I do this with my LLC. I don't know that there is a "name" on it as such. I'd imagine they use routing and account numbers. It's not like you are receiving a check which you then have to deposit. 

How do you ensure that you receive the liability protection of the LLC? If your customers are only seeing your name and never your LLC?

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Just have Upwork deposit into your business bank account, then log it as SALES in your accounting software and you're done, no need to over complicate.

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