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Site enhancement - "Other" or "Other reason" thumbs-down option

This is completely different from another user's request for an additional "thumbs-down" option in the Find Work function. I have a full-time job that I like but I freelance because I need additional income. Sometimes a job's specific due date and/or time would conflict with my day job, for example if I am browsing in the evening and they want it for noon the next business day. I may want to show myself I've seen it and reduce my feed volume, "Unreasonable Expectations" is inaccurate and unfair to the client because the conflict is pure coincidence. Why isn't there an "Other" or "Other reasons" option? Not necessarily requiring entering the reason, either.

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Ken R wrote:

 "Unreasonable Expectations" is inaccurate and unfair to the client 

What do you mean "unfair to the client?" It doesn't affect the client in any way. The client never sees it, nobody does.

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OK, then I won’t worry about it.

I was not so concerned about the client seeing it as Upwork accumulating some kind of record about them that they were making “unreasonable expectations.” That’s what I meant by “unfair”, if it had any effect on their reputation with you.
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