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Site is down again

Ace Contributor
Juan P Member Since: Nov 29, 2016
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So is this going to be a weekly out of the blue thing? Thanks

Community Leader
Joëlle O Member Since: Jan 25, 2013
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I know right??


It's crazy! Oh and not to mention the site is going to be down tomorrow as well for a PLANNED 'scheduled maintenance'

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Ashli Brooke T Member Since: May 2, 2017
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I literally just came to these forums to ask if anybody else from Upwork knows of any viable solutions to Upwork. The only reason I'm here at all is because they bought all their competitors.


They seem to have no interest in getting their ---- together, and definitely no interest in us.


They don't even have any interest in keeping the paying clients happy. How'm I supposed to deliver my projects when Upwork routinely goes down and responds with a half hearted, "so sorry guys, but whatever" at the top of the screen?


And then keeps doing it. How are you supposed to use Upwork, if you literally can't use Upwork?


This should not be acceptable.

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Ahsan T Member Since: May 2, 2017
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Thanks for the update. i didn't knew about it.
i am new hear. does it happen often?

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Mahrukh I Member Since: May 2, 2017
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Yes it is maintance perpose, it happens oftenly, Upwork informs upfront about the metenance of website.

Community Guru
Charles K Member Since: Mar 6, 2017
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Weekly? We should be so lucky. Smiley Happy


On the plus side, at least they provide helpful error messages:


"Sorry, something went wrong."


Please give whoever wrote that a big raise. Smiley Very Happy

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Patty N Member Since: Jul 6, 2016
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I saw a job posting absolutely matching my skills and experience that was supposedly 16 minutes old but had proposals.  The site went down while I was submitting a proposal..  This costs me clients.  


Obviouslly Upwork as grown far beyond its technical abilities. 

Community Guru
Charles K Member Since: Mar 6, 2017
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@Patty N wrote:
Obviouslly Upwork as grown far beyond its technical abilities. 

It would be more correct to say that it has grown beyond the technical limits that its management is willing to pay for.


Ever go to Amazon and find it offline?

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Emanuela L Member Since: Apr 2, 2017
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I saw a message for May 4th, but today is down again...


"We can't complete your request now.

We're currently experiencing an abnormally high volume of traffic.

Please try again later."



Dear Upwork team, with 20% of fees you take on our earnings, is it normal for you that we have to handle with website breakdowns every week? Without notifying everyone.


On Sunday you had a problem with JSS updating and a temporary bug with the "last viewed by client" feature.


Come on guys, let us work in a decent way.





Community Guru
Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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Normally I get an alternate email for times like this.  I mean like 99% of the time, but for some reason I didn't with this client (Maybe too much wine. lolol) and now I'm sitting here holding his transcript which was due 30 minutes ago and no way to send it.  lolol

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