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Site kicked me out and lost my account info?

I have an upwork account under my name Daniel Ernst. I have done a job for a client through the site.tonight something went wrong and i was logged out. when i logged back in, there was an email verification required.  email was not working, so I changed it to my other email, since I was not getting an email verification to work. it worked, but now the site is requiring me to fill in details about me like it had none of my information. How can i get a hold of UpWork to check the account and make it operational and with my job history intact on it? They would not let me easily contact me, and it kicked to the community.

Thank you! -Dan

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear your experience, Daniel. 

Are you referring to another account? Please send me a private message with more information about your account. I will look into it.

~ Avery

Thank you! my account is **Edited for Community Guidelines** .

email is **Edited for Community Guidelines** t (tried to change email to see if that would solve problem)


I had my upwork account for a few weeks, and completed a job for $125 for a client - **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Now it booted me out and is having me fill out everything like I am a new client - it wants me to put in my capabilities, photo, etc, everything that was already set up.


are you able to check on it without a password? let me know what you need to help.  thank you!

Hi Daniel,

A member of the team will be reaching out to you very shortly via email to help assist you with your account. Thanks!

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I suspect that by entering a different email, you actually created a new account rather than accessing your old. You'll have to try and find out what really happened by communicating with Upwork customer service.  Upwork has downtimes and glitches now and then. If something doesn't work right away, your best move is to wait a bit before trying to come up with a solution on your own. Sorry. 

Yes, I agree I need customer service. Can you provide me that contact info? The website forced all paths to the forums, and I need to get the correct info for them to help me.


I can confirm that one of our agents have reached out to you directly. Please check your email addresses for the notification, thanks!

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