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Skill to develop for virtual assistant/customer service

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Hello all,


I am new to upwork and only establishing my profile here with an intention of getting virtual assistant/customer service contracts. I would like to get some input from those more experienced as to what skills they would suggest to develop in order to increase someone's attractiveness for clients? Is there a skillset that is in high demand for VA jobs? 

I would appreciate any suggestions!

Community Guru

Hi Tanya, and welcome!


That's a very competitive area you picked, with a lot of competition from countries where the cost of living is considerably lower than in Canada.


You need to find your USP (Unique Selling Point) which will make you attractive to the clients who are willing to pay more for specialist skills.


If you have phone support experience that tends to help. Any languages? That would really help! Do you have in depth experience of any specific industry? Mention it!


What are you after? Hourly contracts? Full time? Part time? Long term? Short term?

Thanks, Petra


My goal is full-time long-term ideally, but since I am just starting out I would gladly go for short-term or contract to build a portfolio

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The VA area is very competitive here as well as the customer service. The thing you should work on is a dynamic cover letter, that catches the clients attention. The first few sentences are going to e what catches their eye on if they are going to interview you or not.


I don't believe there is any specific set of skills that is going to get more attention then the other. Best I can suggest is take a look at some of the other Customer Service or Virtual Assistant freelancers. 


Upwork also has a Customer Service Pro program if you want to go through that. Some of the jobs are better paying, but I believe you have to be in the Top Rated group to apply for it.

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I'm new to upwork as well and I have made over a dozen proposals so far but no offers. I know it is competitive and I am willing to put in the tme. I need someone to explain to me how the timer works for the hourly pay jobs. Can you start and stop the clock as needs arise. What about being part of a team of Virtual Assistant Freelancers. how can I properly negotiate rate with potential employers. I have a lot of questions and I am hoping to be a part of a community that can support me in this venture. I am taking this opppertunity on very seriously. Is there hope?

Thanks Tonya. this helps