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I started the "book keeping" test few days ago but was unable to continue the test due to urgent work and closed the browser. Now it is saying that your test has expired and displaying the date of 30 days since I tried to attempt the test.


Please reset the test for me so that I can take the test again.


There should be some option to continue the test later if anyone is unable to complete the test in one sitting. If this is not possible then it should be clearly stated on the terms and conditions before the start of the test.


Thanks for your cooperation.


Hi Yasser, I don't know if mods are able to reset tests or not, but I've seen other people ask similar questions here before. The replies I've seen have been that you must wait until you're eligible to take the test again. I'm sure you can understand one of the reasons there is no option to start and stop the test - imagine the people who would use that feature to cheat by looking up the answer elsewhere, then come back to answer, repeat, repeat, repeat until the test is completed at 100%. 

You are right what you have said can happen. But there is solution to this problem. Here's how:


I am studying at a university which requires attempting online quizzes on their website (just like upwork/odesk) but they do have facility available for those who lose connection to the online quiz midway through due to any reason (browser get closed, power failure, urgent work, etc) so that the quiz can be completed at the next sitting. But there is one rule to it. You cannot see the same question again which was displayed at the very last moment you lose the connection. For example, if I was at question 20 when I lost the connection then at next login, same question number 20 will not be displayed on my screen but my test will resume from question number 21 which was not seen last time. There are no marks for incorrect answers and also for unanswered/unattempted questions.


Similar technique can be applied to this website showing "Save and continue later" button at the bottom of screen at each question so that one can continue later starting from unseen question. This can stop exploitation of this option.



Hope to see this option in place in near future.

Yasser, I think you may overestimate how robust the skills tests are. Some of them are rather short, have outdated content, or the like. It would take a sizable effort to increase the # of questions for each quiz to accommodate stopping and starting on a fresh question. I'd prefer if the Upwork developers spent their time making improvements to existing features (like Messages, and the Team App, specifically). Tests are such a small portion of a user's profile and are largely ignored by many clients (from what they've told me). Making your portfolio great is often just as good, if not better, than taking more skills tests. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Yasser,


I'm sorry but you'll need to wait and retake the test once it becomes available. Almost all standard tests (not just the ones on Upwork) are time-limited and users are usually not allowed to pause them, in order to prevent possible abuse.

~ Vladimir

I have understood your concern. I don't know any exam exist in this world, After half time then go for the break or urgent work then again come back start. 


Anyway, try for next time brother, But don't go anywhere then again one month you have to wait