Skrill Card and ATM money withdrawal

Urgent, Please Help! I am a freelancer (Philippines) both on oDesk and Elance and my earnings are stuck on Skrill. Is there anybody here who can help me, tell me how I can withdraw my money from an Automated Teller Machine using the Skrill Card? My electric bill just came yesterday and we are going to get disconnected, please Help, ASAP!

You can wire transfer your money to a BDO. Account

How to do a wire transfer?

Hi Jomari,


In order to be able to withdraw your available funds from your Upwork account, you need to add a withdrawal method and complete your Tax form.


Here are help articles with information about adding a withdrawal method and completing the W-8BEN form.


First post no less. Odd this should happen at this particular time considering other recent posts. Wish I could help. All I can think of is for you to contact Skrill.

Ron aka LanWanMan

Call skrill support during their business hours. International call charges should be the leasts of your concerns. I'll point it out one more time - call, not email. Their email support is slower than snail. 

And, as a workaround, you can try adding bank account to skrill. Just in case.

Super duper slow Skrill email support. I cannot verify my account until now.  Very fast to get money from accounts but also very slow with support. Anyone here who has tried to withdraw to BDO(philippines) from Skrill??? Does it work?

You can send your Skrill funds to any GCash or Smart Money number for a fee of 1% of your amount to be withdrawn. I do it all the time since the transfer is instant unless the status is on "Pending".


In addition, you can also attach a PayMaya Visa Card on it and make a withdrawal. Take note that the fees will be higher and it will take up to 7 working days (I got mine after 2 days only).

Hi John Michael,


How long will it take for Skrill to transfer funds to GCash?



I'm new here and it got harder to get a VISA card at any bank due to amendments by AMLAC. I already have a Smart Money card, so is it really possible to get money from Skrill? what about PayPal? I made a Paypal account thinking it is easy to get a VISA card but not anymore. Im planning to make a Skrill account if it is possible to get money thru SmartMoney.

John Michael M... Can you still use Skrill to Gcash up to this date, February 2017???