Skrill Services and Payments

4/7/2014 Freelancers and Skrill Users, I tried calling Skrill and their telephone service is no longer functioning. Then I wrote them an email with all my questions regarding their services and I never received an answer. Are they still in business? Do you recommend their services? Have you had trouble with them making payments to people outside the US in the past? What is Skrill telephone number in the US? Thank you, Theodore Teague ** *"Removed by admin"

Not sure what has happened to Skrill, but their service is horrible. There are many other service providers like Skrill. I'm using another company now.

Their service is terrible! The company is based in Europe and I am not sure if they have a number for the U.S. except you call international. Don't expect an answer from customer service for the next month. When you request for a transfer, they tell you 2-5 days, and sometimes it takes two weeks! It's rather unfortunate that their are no other options here for me (in terms of payment) EDITED: Came across this through odesk We are currently experiencing issues with withdrawals via Skrill, which will be resolved as soon as possible, and within 24 hours.