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Re: Skrill - issue with get money from it.

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Miroslav M Member Since: Jan 21, 2016
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1. blocked card without notification (notification would minimise my losses).

Again, every user had to be notified. The same time I rec'd that email (Wed, Nov 23) I was able to see the onscreen information upon logging onto my Skrill account across all pages. I believe that warning is still there. If it happened to you that you failed to receive your announcement email it is either because it's been blocked by your email server (marked as spam etc) or you are still eligible for a Skrill Mastercard.


My opinion assuming from your location - Paysafe Inc - the copmany behind Skrill announced that all new (black) Skrill Mastercards that have been already issued to residents of the Russian Federation (as well as the People's Republic of China) are still valid and would remain valid until expiry. Is your cancelled Skrill Mastercard grey or black? If it is black you need to call them to ask them what is the reason behind cancellation - maybe its something else, not the SEPA thing.

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Alexandr M Member Since: Jan 11, 2016
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Not every user. Me not. No message in Inbox, Spam, or any other folder. No phone call or sms was made.

My skrill card is grey (if you mean just color), and it's less than 6 months old. 

It's quite likely they thought it's black and couse of this did not send me notification.... But then think again and block without notification.

Other guy said me that it's couse my status not gold or diamond. Okay - my status not gold or diamond, and card not black,- but they should notify me in this situation in advance, to prevent me from freezing money.

I think call them will be good idea. This time my question to them changed status to "at work", so, i will wait some time before make a call.

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Alexandr M Member Since: Jan 11, 2016
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@Sivan P wrote:
Hey Alexander, I understand your concerns and would like to address them to reassure you that Payoneer is safe and can be a good option for you. First, prior to registration you can see fees here  You also have a designated fee section in your Payoneer account (My account-> Help-> Fees and Pricing) showing you the complete list of fees specifically for your Payoneer account, as they may vary according to your country of residence and registration plan. As a licensed company, Payoneer has a very high level of compliance to ensure the safety for your funds. Joining millions of users online, I’m sure Payoneer can also be a very suitable solution for you as well.


1. Can I find fees link from main page or from registration page? Is any easie way for regular user who comes to payoneer website either directly to main page, or from affiliate to find link to fees page? At first look - no.


2. It's not evident to find ATM fees on page you provided. And quite complicated to find surcharges for ATM outside US (1.8%).


I think there are only 2 possible reasons for 1+2: either Payoneer does not use Interface Testers (something like QA work), or Payoneer intentionally do it. I think 90% of payoneer clients can't find fees before register, and half of them can't find 1.8% outside US ATM surcharge even when first time use it.

3. Risks.... I have found quite much expressions on forums about payoneer block accounts (actually I searched for blocks by skrill, but found also for payoneer). It's the risk.

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Alexandr M Member Since: Jan 11, 2016
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Anyway - it was not topic about Payoneer - it was topic about Skrill. ))

I have found quite interesting opinion about risks with Payoneer, Skrill, and services like these - don't afraid to use any of them for direct purposes - money withdrawal, but it's better not to keep money in it. I have read it before my skrill card was locked. Couse I not followed this recommendation I have problems right now. ))

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Alexandr M Member Since: Jan 11, 2016
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After phone call I simply understand that it's couse Skrill simply closed old cards (issued 5 months ago - old). Also they does not notified me about it. 

In this case good company would do:

1. Notified in advance (Skrill not notified me at all)
2. Return fee for issue card (UPD: returned)
3. Make easie way for me to get my money. (partly done - looks like I can withdrawal it in some ways, not good ways)

Will not use Skrill in future and will not recommend it to anyone. 
Will be cautious when work with UK companies or use UK services.


Thanks to all.

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Patricia U Member Since: Jul 13, 2015
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The same happened to me. I started using the Skrill prepaid card in July 2015 instead of Payoneer because their fees were cheaper. On November 15, I made a withdrawal from Upwork to Skrill with the idea of going to an ATM next morning. I went in the afternoon because a client decided to make a last minute change to a text I had to deliver that morning.. When I went to the ATM, my card  was no longer working. I got an error message in the 3 ATMs I tried. I even went to a supermarket to see if I could buy something but nothing happened.


When I came back home, I logged into my account and couldn't find the Skrill card tab anymore. It was gone. This company decided to cancel my card without any notice 9 days before the general cancellation. I never received any email from Skrill and there wasn't any alert message in my account. The worst thing is that I talked to them two days before the cancellation and they told me twice that I was going to be able to use my card until its expiration (2018). I asked them to please reactivate my card until November 25 but they refused to do it. Also, they didn't refund the 10 euro fee I paid in July this year.


I have money in there that I'm not able to withdraw it since they no longer send American dollars but euros. They have proved to be extremely unprofessional and it looks like the new administration doesn't know what they are doing. I know a person in my country (Peru) who received the new black card and is using it without any problem. Also, the grey cards are still working in Mexico and Chile. I used this company since they were Moneybookers and never had a problem with them until they were bought by PaySafe.

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Zlatko D Member Since: Dec 9, 2016
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I was using skrill 8 years

First i was using personal account, but after some time they told me to make bussiness account.

Now, my money stucked in skrill(1200 usd) because of that they changed "device withdrawal swift" and have not all standards that were before for the "swift withdrawaing".

My bank reject that withdrawal, i cant open mastercard in skrill for bussiness account, i cant send back the money for my bussiness account.

1200 usd stucked.

Also skrill in Europe, don't work with usd anymore.I don't know how is in other part of the world.


My advice for now is, upwork direkt wire transfer to your bank.


I have also mastercard from payoneer.And i take money from ATM, but it take fees from there.

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Patricia U Member Since: Jul 13, 2015
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I found out that Payoneer is able to open up bank accounts in euros. So, I asked them for one. I haven't used it since they are sending a new card in euros. I will withdraw my money from Skrill to this account as soon as I receive my card. The bank account they offer is from a German bank. Hope this helps.

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Why is there what seems to be a Payoneer employee in this thread promoting Payoneer???

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Rabin M Member Since: Jun 6, 2015
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I can remember my incidedent with this sh*ty payment service called skrill. My account was set to scheduled payment to skrill. And accidentally some $300 was transferred to Skrill. They asked for Date of Birth while withdrawal, and accidentally I entered a wrong date of birth.

They then frozen my money for months, opened help tokens and waited for days. They just simply closed the issues everytime without bothering about solving it.


Then eventually was able to get some help by submitting my National Documents with a $156 fine !!

Could you imagine? They took more than half of the money just because I entered a wrong DOB accidentally !!!


Worst payment method Skrill. Simply avoid this shi*ty method if you can.