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Slow payment

Fellow freelancers, I need your help. I finished two case studies for a client two months ago. I understand that my client needs to get approval from his clients before the job can be finalized, but two months seems like plenty of time. I have sent my client two emails asking for updates, and he has not responded. Should I appeal to Odesk, or give my client more time? He has been a good client up until now....thanks for your help!

Two months without any response or payment is too much. If I were you, I would try to contact the client one more time before asking oDesk for help. Do you communicate with your client only through oDesk? If not, then try to contact him through other mails, Skype, etc. Don't rely on the message system here.

It can be annoying when you don't receive a response for a long time. I've had a couple of clients like that on line.