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So Discouraged Due to JSS Score

I was happy to receive the email from Upwork informing me that I may receive an increase in my JSS score and that no feedback contracts would no longer impact my JSS.  I was happy about the news until I viewed my profile today and saw that my JSS dropped from 90% to 88%.


Over the past couple of months, I have watched my JSS score steadily decline from 100% to now 88%, despite never receiving bad reviews from clients. I assumed the drop in my score is due to the three no-feedback contracts I have and because I didn’t work on any new projects for a couple of weeks, but now I’m not so sure. My most recent project ended a week ago, and I received a positive review(4.80-star rating) from the client, so I don’t understand why my JSS score dropped.


I am so discouraged now…I’m ready to leave the Upwork platform. I am done stressing over my JSS score; I wish to go back to when I didn’t have a score and a top-rated badge. Having a JSS score and a top-rated badge did not help me attract better quality projects; it only made me more of a target to clients with fake projects who used interviews to get free advice or consultation from me.


I really appreciate Upwork for helping me launch my freelance career; I think it’s a great platform for freelancers. Still, with the steady decline in my JSS score and the fact that I no longer see any quality projects in my feed(I’ve had 68 connects for weeks, and I haven’t used any of them yet), it’s becoming difficult for me to remain optimistic about freelancing on Upwork.




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First of all, your JSS still shows at 90% to me. Second, you have very few contracts and two of them are less than 5 stars. It's almost certain that those two left poor private feedback, which factors in greatly to your JSS. I say it's almost certain they left poor private feedback because both of them use some sugar coated language that point to the clients dissatisfaction - like saying that you adapted to something or that they cut the project short. 

Hi Amanda


Thanks for the reply; my JSS score shows 88% to me.


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You're probably right about the private feedback; I suspect my most recent client may have submitted poor private feedback; which is pretty messed up because I have received nothing but positive feedback from this client throughout the entire project. Not one time did this client indicate to me that they were dissatisifed; and I have proof. Upwork will not share private feedback with freelancers so I can't  even dispute it. It is so unfair that private feedback can be factored into your JSS Score. 

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