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So hard to find work on upwork

Hello friends it has turned so hard for me to find work in upwork no matter how many applications i make. is my profile or or what am i supposed to do. your responce will be highly appreciated


Hi there,


Your profile looks really good and according to the stats, you've already done some great job here on upWork. Have you consider adding a video to your profile page? I'm thinking about it myself and will be doing so in the future.


Myself I haven't found yet any freelance job, but I'll not stop trying. Any advice?


Ramsés Cabello.


One big issue is the English on your profile is not written well.  Find someone to edit it.


The other issue is I think you are in a field where you are going to have a lot of competition from low wage countries. But if you are in Kenya people would think you would offer a low bid too.  You would do best if you could find a more narrow niche within the categories you bid on.


 Data analytics is the highest paying computer programming skill in the USA.  So do you know R and Apache Spark?  Say you do and then learn them if you don't.  Maybe most data scientists do not know these tools?


 I would suggest whatever you are bidding, bid much higher so that people will know you are a professional.


Good luck.