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So many bugs! MEGATHREAD

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Shannon K Member Since: Jul 22, 2015
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After searching through the forum almost 4 times already today, I decided to create a post that addresses some serious bugs that Upwork is having.  


1. Messaging system not notifying freelancers or clients of new emails or messages.  The system is not sending a message to linked email accounts to notify users of a new message.  This is extremely problimatic for both freelancers and clients.  Communication is being missed and delayed.


2. Chat system is not allowing uploads of files as of this morning.  You need to go into direct 1:1 messaging to upload anything.


3. Portfolio thumbnails of freelancers are cut off when viewing in safari.  They are shifted down.  (I contacted upwork personally about this about 2 weeks ago and still have not found a ticket is still pending.


4. Can not upload new items to portfolio.  Upload pop up window gets cut off and will not let you upload new thumbnails.


5. recent work on profile is out of order.  Jobs that have just been finished say June 2015


6. Portfolio order has changed.  It is reversed.  The oldest thumbnails are now appearing first.


I feel like everyday, there is a new issue with upwork and they are not being solved in a timely manner.  We rely on this site to make money and with the bugs and having to find ways around them, it is hindering our productivity.  When can we expect fixes?  I try to see if Upwork tweets about any issues it is having to assure users that they are working on the issues, but never a peep!  Nothing!  We understand as users that sometimes there are bugs.  It would just be nice if somewhere as a company you addressed the bugs and gave us some updates.


The status of the site right now makes it extremely difficult to be able to show off a portfolio, get work, and stay connected to your clients.  It is quite heartbreaking to see bugs happening every day.  When switching from Elance to Upwork, I had high hopes for this site.  However, I seem to be getting let down daily and more and more discouraged.


I hope this message reaches the ears of someone who can make a difference.




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Brett B Member Since: May 25, 2015
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This isn't a new bug, but the trouble with Job Success Score should be on your list. How do I hate it? Let me count the ways:


  1. The client holds all the power. A client can easily ruin your updesk career with bad feedback, and the contractor has no recourse. In the past, we could get rid of a bad rating by refunding the money. But now? We don’t even know what causes the scores to go up and down, and we have no way of defending ourselves against dishonest reviews, or bad reviews that may have resulted from a client’s misunderstanding of the review questions. And what happens if you get one of those clients who thinks a 6 or a 7 is a very high grade, and only God is perfect so no 10s for anyone?
  2. We're penalized for flighty clients who don't stay in touch, and if they drop us before the job starts, that counts against us for some reason. 
  3. The scoring system makes no sense. Numbers go up and down for no discernable reason and no one at upwork seems willing or able to explain what's going on. When you ask, they reply with a cut and paste from the "Help and Support" section.

How can we do whatever needs to be done to secure better scores if upwork refuses to reveal anything about how the calculations are done, or why the scores are fluctuating so wildly? 

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Vepa D Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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I can confirm all said above, I am having similar problems, contacted support they said they are working on it. I have to manually click refresh once in a while to see if any of my clients messaged me.  I never replied to a client more than 8 hours later, but thanks to new web site now I am 3 or 4 days late to reply to messages and my profile is mess since old projects are showing up first. I make living out of freelance work and now I feel that my income is in danger and this platform is instable and can crash just any day. I don't understand why not listen to old loyal users, I am two year user of Odesk and I am sure any veteran user would agree with me that old system was much much better and reliable now you don't know what to expect. Why make changes for the sake of change, old system was perfect to me. And so many people want it back, why not admit that you failed with this new unusable web site and revert back. Just recently I saw a freelancer with 3.5 star rating but job success rate 95% or really? So if freelancer is rated low he/she is still somehow successful? I have been trying so hard to maintain my 5 star rating but apparently it has no value now. It is just sad to see such successful platform die.

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Shannon K Member Since: Jul 22, 2015
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Agreed to both of your posts.


Brett - As of today, my job success score is not even on my public profile.  It does show in my personal stats, but has been removed from my profile.  Not sure if this is just another bug or they are doing away with it.  


The alogorithm is BS...I agree.  I came from Elance with a 5 star rating, repeat clients and nothing but amazing feedback.  When I merged my profile over to Upwork, I have 4.97 stars and an 84% job success.  It sincerely bothers me as well.  


This feature of Upwork is a feature that we need to argue to fix or completely remove.  It should definitely have some more consideration put into it and how it effects each of us.

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Christian T Member Since: Aug 3, 2015
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I have been using ODesk for more than three years and site usability was ok (not really great, but ok). The only real grief has been that the the site was not mobile friendly.


Since the change to Upwork my happiness with the site has been in decline and today I am so unhappy I need to air my frustration.


1. The site often is extremely slow or even unresponsive. I get cloud flare errors at least once a week

2. I don't like the messaging system at all. We sometimes have more than ten freelancers working and communication is a nightmare. Who got the idea that messages are to be sorted by time and not by freelancer/thread? When I try to find a communication thread with a freelancer I have to make at least three clicks plus a search of her name - everything on a really slow site of course. 

3. The iOS is slow too


There are other quirks that I can live with. But the slow site and frustrating communication system are killers. 

Anyone knows if this is going to improve anytime soon? If nothing changes I might look to transfer business to a better service. What a pity!


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Shannon K Member Since: Jul 22, 2015
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@Christian T wrote:

There are other quirks that I can live with. But the slow site and frustrating communication system are killers. 

Anyone knows if this is going to improve anytime soon? If nothing changes I might look to transfer business to a better service. What a pity!


Christian - I 100% agree.  All the quirks are making me question the sustainability and useability of Upwork.  I am in the same boat...if nothing gets better, a switch is inevitable.

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John H Member Since: Aug 3, 2015
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I agree with all of you.  Upwork looks pretty slick, and the jobs on offer seem to be more promising than what I had to choose from on Elance, but what's the point of switching if Upwork is crawling with bugs?  So, at the risk of fomenting unrest (actually something Upwork has done quite effectively without my help), what are the alternatives? Setting up with another service is a pain in the butt I could live without, but I have to make a living.

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Duncan A Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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r.e the Safari bugs - I contacted @upworkhelp on Twitter about this and their response (eventually) was 
"unfortunately not all features work on Safari. Please try using Chrome or Firefox. Thanks!" - which is not helpful; especially as it's not me viewing my portfolio that I'm worried about - maybe a potential client doesn't realise that "not all features work on Safari" and thinks that my portfolio looks sloppy etc.

Seriously, how hard can it be to implement cross-browser compatibility. The thing is, a global website should work on all modern browsers.

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Shannon K Member Since: Jul 22, 2015
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Duncan - Thank you for that information!  At least you got an answer.  Not the one I was looking for, but at least there was some communication.


I agree, I do not care how I view my profile, but how my potential clients could view it.  I am a designer, and I would think most designers use mac and safari.  So, to have the site not work on such a major browser is absolute BS.  Hopefully we will see some better functionality soon.



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Jennifer S Member Since: Dec 16, 2014
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I agree, why is no one else talking about this? The bugs are getting worse. Just today I had three clients forced to contact me on alternatives because messaging system wouldn't let them leave a message. There is always times every week this happens or the site is down all together. Say something on Facebook and they say it is fine, although I get the Oh Crickey! page. (Those aren't cute by the way Upworks) 


When the connects hoopla was going on, I was thinking, fix the platform first! Now we are getting surveys for price hike proposals and all I can think is Fix The Platform First! 


Thanks for pointing out what many are thinking. I don't use many of the features mentioned...but even the bare minimum is spotty.