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So many job proposals yet no hiring or even interviews

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Zibilianu A Member Since: Feb 9, 2020
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                        Hello community!


                          I am still kinda new to Upwork and I am still trying to figure out how job proposals work. I created my account one month ago, and since then I got hired 4 times. Lattely as in the past 2 weeks I applied to more than 20 jobs with no hirings or interviews. 37 job aplies in total, 4 hirings, I get that I am new and I don't have much feedback or past experience with clients, but I am starting to think twice about this and think if it is really worth it or not! I had to buy more and more connects, yet I still can't land a job, in order to get some more experience here on Upwork. As for cover letters I tryed different ones, and it seems that it doesn't really matter because when are more than 5 applicants, I believe the client doesn't even see it, lett alone read it..

                         In conclusion I am really thinking if I should quit or not, is it really worth the time and money spent on getting jobs? because I like preety much everyting on this platform and I would really like to continue working here for more and more.


                         Thank you so much for taking your time reading this case, please let me know what should I do next!



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John B Member Since: Aug 20, 2015
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Profile.  We try not to have multiple mistakes in the first line.   Capitalize the "i" and replace "kid" with "child" as a starting point.


We compete on a global platform that attracts some of the finest talent that walks this Earth.  Some of those freelancers are gut-hardened competitors who invest not moments or minutes in their profile. They invest hours, then dozens of hours, perhaps more.  They painstakingly write their application letters and aim not to compete, but win. Each time. Every time.

You are a tattoo artist.  You know there is a bit of pain - perhaps more than a bit - before the glory is unveiled.  The price -- is a bit of pain.  Unveil the glory of your visual consulting skills.  Profile. Port. 


Now you know the model in which to consider your profile. Consider it your personal business tattoo.

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Zibilianu A Member Since: Feb 9, 2020
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Hey there John, thank you so much!