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So many scams!!

Has anybody else noticed that the number of scam job posts has increased significantly?? I am so busy flagging them that I can't even concentrate on finding a proper job post. 

My fiancé just recently registered and the first 10 jobs he applied for were all scams. They wanted him to pay a "service fee" to get started. He wasted time and connects on that nonsense. It's so frustrating! What can we do besides flag them?

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Yes - this has been ongoing for months and commented on for months. I suspect that the scam posts are also spam posts so they are being repeated over and over again. 


It doesn't only concern newcomers either. The job feed of  top-rated freelancers in the translation and writing categories - editing and proofreading especially - are inundated with them. It is pretty demoralizing. 

Agree, except I'd say very demoralizing instead of pretty. And also add ridiculous.

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Yes, I've seen these since I started on Upwork years ago...actually, since I was on Elance well before that. It seems to come and go in waves, for whatever reason. I do see a lot of scams that are obviously duplicates of one another, so there are probably groups where scammers discuss the latest way to grift. If I have a spare second I'll report them, but trying to take advantage of people is a thousands of years old enterprise and it won't stop soon. If you have a spare second, report the posts.

Thanks for your input. Yes, I will definitely report them!

Regarding this issue, Upwork should award the person who reports about the spam and help Upwork.

If we see it from a different perspective, a lot of newcomers or old freelancers waste money through connects by bidding on these spam proposals. Upwork should return all the connects to the bidders once the spam is confirmed.

Md Helal U wrote:

 Upwork should return all the connects to the bidders once the spam is confirmed.

If a job post is removed for being in violation of the term of service, the connects are returned.

Hi Md Helal,


Thank you for your message. Connects are returned when a client closes their job without hiring or we find a job post has violated our Terms of Service


Thank you




How can I know that?

Thank you for the reply. I just checked the connects history. 

How about a "finder's fee", Upwork? Since we're doing your house cleaning for you! If we flag/report "obvious" scam posts, we should be rewarded with credits for "our time".

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Thanks for your feedback Nichola! I've been working as a translator for about 2 years now and there have always been dodgy posts but I just got the feeling that it has gotten particularly bad lately. 

That's because it has gotten particularly bad lately.

Millions? Where are you getting this information from? Connects are returned if a post is found to be a scam.

Christine A wrote:

Where are you getting this information from? 

Where he gets all his "information" from.

Farag S wrote:

Connects spent on spam and fake posts generate millions of dollars every day in profit to Upwork, but I’m sure Upwork will do the right thing and make the platform safer for the freelancers.

Oh please. Millions a day? At a max of $0.90 per proposal, that would mean millions of proposals are being made to scam jobs daily AND not being refunded when the job is taken down. If you want a conspiracy theory, it really should be at least somewhat believable. You know, like Elvis being alive.

Wait -- Elvis died?

You gave a kudo to Farag for the completely made-up and false allegation in his post, so I can't tell whether you're joking now.

You didn't present your post as an opinion, you stated it as a fact. Maybe check your facts before posting?


Farag S wrote:

Popularity doesn’t profit from promos or ads here.

I don't even know what this means.


Farag S wrote:

It’s my estimations.


It meant that this wouldn’t make any difference, rather than having one’s photos hanged on the forums fridge when they get many.

It makes a difference if people read your comment and believed it after seeing that a "Community Guru" agreed with you.

Farag S wrote:

I am a “Community Guru”, Christine.

…meaning the same for you as it means for any of the "gurus": we post a lot.

I hope not - I just bought just crypto for him a few minutes ago.

Seems like you're behind all those fake posts considering how confident you are with your estimates.

Farag S wrote:

Yeah, it gives me something to do!

Not much else to spend time on, right?

Take design classes. It kills time.


"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

Farag S wrote:

My math was, 5-10% out of 20 M FLs falling for fake posts and spam every day.

Where in the world do you get the idea of 20 Million freelancers a day sending proposals from? There aren't even (anywhere NEAR) that many freelancers registered and only a small fraction of those registered are active.


Farag S wrote:

I don’t Know!


Farag S wrote:

Why is that data not available anywhere on the internet!

It is.


How many accounts are registered would be irrelevant in relation to your claim anyway, because that would include all the accounts that were created and abandoned and haven't been sending proposals in years or ever.


There are only around 55,000 active freelancers (active= freelancers who have earned money on the platform in the past year) on the platform.

Farag S wrote:

“There are only around 55,000 active freelancers” How do you know that?

She saw these numbers in an official Upwork report.

Farag S wrote:

“There are only around 55,000 active freelancers” How do you know that?

I can read.


Anyway, your claim that 20 Million freelancers are busy bidding on scam jobs every day, making Upwork Millions of profit every day, is nothing short of ludicrous whichever way you crunch the numbers you invented.

You apparently don't realize that it is a tiny fraction of Upwork's users who also use the forum, or how a day's worth of forum posts compares in scale to a day's worth of job posts.

Yes, only a a tiny fraction of Upwork's users also use the forum, so the number of them seeing scams, and/or falling for them is much greater than what is indicated here.

Peter G wrote:

Yes, only a a tiny fraction of Upwork's users also use the forum, so the number of them seeing scams, and/or falling for them is much greater than what is indicated here.

Non sequitur. The forum is wall-to-wall complaints, and the majority (at least) of complaints about scams is from people who should have or could have known better. I shudder to think one can extrapolate from these numbers to the marketplace at large. (Hint: I don't think that.)

So do you think that those that fall for scams, or just want to report them, are more or less likely to use the forums? And let me rephrase and make it a non-non sequitur: "Yes, only a a tiny fraction of Upwork's users also use the forum, so the number of them seeing scams, and/or falling for them MAY BE much greater than what is indicated here."

Yes, but what has that got to do with you saying that Upwork makes millions from scam jobs? Upwork doesn't make any money when scams are removed. You're also assuming that everybody who bids on jobs is paying for connects in the first place. Many people - including me - never buy connects; the freebies from interviews and monthly top-ups are more than sufficient. If Upwork wanted to make bigger profits from connects, they could simply get rid of all the freebies that they keep handing out.

Farag S wrote:

Monthly top-ups are a $15 cost on you.

What in the world would make you think Christine would have to pay for Plus membership?


Farag S wrote: Also, this new availability badge is like taking the freebies with the other hand.

Only those who ignore the warning that turning it on will have no effect will lose connects. That "Avaulable now" thing can only have any effect if the freelancer is already getting plenty of invites. If people who get little to no invites because they are so low in the search results insist on wasting their money despite literally being told that it is useless, they only have themselves to blame.


Farag S wrote:  I look in the forums to find useful info

Not really...


That's a question only those inexperienced with the best way to use the platform would ask. 

Farag S wrote:

How? And why?!

Let me explain: People like her don't need the connects that come with it, since they get lots of invitations, have regular clients, have enough free connects for the occasional proposal, and know that the other known benefit of hiding their earnings is a bad marketing move. 

And they don't give a hoot about what other people bid.  

Farag S wrote:

Ok, I just didn’t expect her to mention “Monthly top-ups” and mean the 10 free connects.

That's exactly what I meant.


Farag S wrote:

Also, while people may like having the option to show or hide earning when they need to, I would disagree on how useless knowing bid range for her…

Okay, then let me state it plainly - I don't care at all what other people bid. I never even compare myself to others, knowing that most freelancers in my category are liars and fakes, so they're not my competition. My rate is $88/hour. Period. If you don't want to pay me that, then move on.


Farag S wrote:

And this doesn’t explain Julie’s “the best way to use the platform” because it can’t work out the same way for a new user with no regular clients, not in the search results and doesn’t show on recommendations for invite, beside being at the bottom of the proposals list.

You either have competency in your category, or you don't. (Especially in the graphic design category; clients look at your portfolio and that's really the only thing that matters.) Those who know what they're doing will be fine. The others won't get any work... or they will, but only at rock-bottom prices. The market largely regulates itself.


Elvis was alive, and working in Dubbo, NSW, Australia for a long time. 

Elvis in Dubbo.jpg

Farag S wrote:

Connects spent on spam and fake posts generate millions of dollars every day in profit to Upwork.

Upwork has never made a profit yet, and connects don't "generate millions of Dollars", let alone "every day". That's completely ridiculous.

It's very hard for me to believe that Upwork is not profitable.

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