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Some interesting questions

How ridiculous is that. I am uploading a photo material from my statistics for the last week, and the previous weeks are not much different. I wonder where the problem is. I'm looking for advice, guidance or just some logical explanation. It's ridiculous how many connections I use for project bidding and profile boosting and the result is simply impressive. I wonder which is lame so much my profile, my communication or my proposals.


  • Every proposal I send is written according to the job post, not too long but not too short, I basically explain the problem the client has and how I can solve it, which I think is the main content of a proposal. Sometimes I use 2 templates that I also wrote, reducing their use to a minimum. The problem is that no matter how much effort I put into my writing and how many connections I use to bid, I rarely get noticed by clients.


  • Profile boost. I usually use 15 connections per click with a limit of 5 clicks per day. I don't even know if this is normal. I tried with 2 connections and a limit of 35 clicks per day and still nothing. I don't seem to understand exactly how this works and I don't know what the point of it is. 😒


Balance sheet - I pay more for connections than I earn. 💣


When I created my profile at the end of July and grabbed my first project on August 1st, I thought "Yes, this could work". The idea of this venture was to diversify my daily life, to give myself a little more freedom and time for myself, but subsequently it turned out that I spent an insane amount of time improving my technical and professional skills, and proving my skills in writing proposals and don't have any free time 24/7. And now after a few months of hard work trying to prove to myself that I can keep up with the competition, I'm starting to wonder if the battle is lost and so is my time, and if I'm better off giving it all up and going back in the boring office. Or am I doing something wrong and the solution is right in front of my eyes and I can't see it. 👀


Please if anyone has any tips to shoot. If someone wants to review my profile and has comments - shoot💪💥


Thanks in advance. I wish you all a successful and productive day. 💥

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You are doing everything fine. It just takes a lot more time. Keep pushing.

I'm always doing my best and put all my efforts in what I love to do but I think I have a “lack of patience” disease 🙄

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You did everything right and it works, but on one condition: need clients. There are no clients here. You want to boost and improve forever, but it doesn’t make sense if there’s no one to buy your work.

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