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Some problems with my JSS.

Once I left the agency, I wrote to all customers with a request to close contracts and leave feedback, but only 2 out of 9 contracts were closed with positive feedback, the remaining customers, two with different projects and one with five projects didn't get in touch during the month and couldn't close the contract. At the end of the month, I closed all the contracts for which my work was completed with a good feedback about the customers, without thinking that this could affect my JSS.

All messages with customers is in the my Upwork's chat.

https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006097327#improve I read in this article that contracts without feeback, but with earned money may not adversely affect JSS and not be taken into JSS in statistics.

Then why my JSS fell from 100% to 82%, then increased to 83% and now fell to 79%?

Thank you,
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According to Upwork JSS calculation and changing method they described here,

No feedback given jobs may hurt your JSS and you have many!

Hi, Yeasir!


Thanks for your reply.


So, Upwork can't do something with my JSS if I'll provide all proofs that I completed work successufully, but my clients just ignored my request to close contract?

No, Anuar.
There's an algorithm they use to calculate the JSS and what calculation results is shown in your profile.
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