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Some "oDesk Client Success Manager"

Hey there guys, so I received an interview for a job and while the Job description is the one you'd usually see, the letter sent to me along with the invitation to interview was a liiittle different. The guy claims to be an "oDesk Client Success Manager. " So I was wondering if anyone could confirm /this/. I'd usually just take a job anyway if it fits my skills but it's a little worrying if someone starts claiming someone they're not. Is this some new oDesk feature I'm not aware of or should I stay away from this guy?

I get this every now & then... well, you can simply Google the person's name to see if s/he's really working for Odesk or not 😉

Client wrote in his job description something like:


"Dear Maria, 



so, he/she already knows who to hire. 


Success manager is sending invites to other freelancers, including me, although Maria is there among applicants.


Why is success manager wasting my time?


Positive thing: at least I'm not invisible to search engines.

Don't correct my grammar!


Sounds like a dishonest person to me. You can easily ask someone from oDesk management to confirm if this person works for them.


Someone will probably see your message soon.

Sounds useful. Ask them if they can manage my success up to employable levels again! Smiley Very Happy