Something's fishy about this ongoing client, thoughts?

Need inputs. I'm thinking of ending a contract as it seems fishy. I'm a graphic designer on oDesk FYI. This client's profile states: payment is not verified yet by oDesk, has 12 positive reviews, has so far hired 20 freelancers and paid $10k overall contracts. She was so responsive and convincing to hire me I was offered an hourly contract Problem is, she doesn't respond to my design submissions quickly (1 week per reply!) unlike the many genuine clients i've had, she doesn't expects certain revisions (which most of clients does), she doesn't fuss about anything of my designs (expected basic details requires client's feedback). Now i'm wondering if she'll ever pay me because her payment is not odesk verified, then how does she makes her 10k overall payments as claimed by her profile? Thing is I don't see how she gains from scamming me (I don't provide personal email address, payment details, phone details etc), so what will she gain from wasting my time? Or am I being overly cautious? I watermark my designs. At present, the 5 hours work monies logged on odesk are under Review Mode hence i'm waiting for this payment to go through before I decide if worth continuing on. I'm not desperately needing this contract, but it helps me to be wary of future similar contracts like this and so I can focus on other ongoing contracts I paused for. Argh.

Don't start working before you're hired, or before the payment is oDesk verified. If your client has reviews already, it just means that the credit card she used before has already been removed (or expired) and she has to provide a new one. After it's verified, you don't need to worry about being scammed, as you have an hourly contract. Your payment is supposed to be guaranteed if you log your hours properly. Re lack of feedback, it may be that your client is not the direct user and she's waiting for someone else to give feedback. If she accepts your work without any fuss and paid for it, no need to worry and compare her with other clients. Everyone's different.

I guess i'll just wait and check back her profile if her payment will be re-verified before I continue working.

Hello! I've got a question for freelancers that have been around here for a while. I landed a job, but it was different from what the job description stated. It was underpaid, but I took it because it was a small project and I really wanted to break the ice. However, at the interview I discovered that the well under-paid job was long-term. I was so excited that I had got my first job after only three days, that I agreed with their terms and they said they would hire me. Now, they have sent me the offer, but in the meantime I realised I wasn't going to make it. Accepting the job would mean neglecting my family day after day for a maximum of 7 dollars a day. The question is: If I decline the job offer now, will they be able to give me negative feedback? I suppose not, since the contract was never activated, but I wanted to make sure. I know what I'm worth, and I'd rather wait a little longer than get myself into slavery. Thank you, and I'm waiting for you answers. Madalina

Well done, you have successfully avoided one of the first traps for newbies - getting sucked in by the promise of easy earnings, then realising that it's work for peanuts. It'll take a while, but keep your wits about you, know your own value, and hold out for something at a decent price. Oh, and you're right, no contract, no feedback, no comeback. And if the client hassles you by message, roport them...

Explain to support that the job description did not match the job. This way, if they complain about you not taking the offer, and suggest that you're irresponsible or whatever, you'll have got to support first, and they'll have your side of the story. And you'll be protecting other freelancers.