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Something wrong with my profile

I have submitted 60+ plus in less than 2 months that I have been on upwork. It feels like there's something I'm not doing right. Most jobs that I submitted proposals for in the past weeks don't seem to have hired anybody. It's discouraging, honestly.


Hi Genevieve,


I'm sorry to hear this has been your experience. Perhaps, it might be a good idea to revisit certain aspects of your profile, such as your title, overview, and portfolio, to make sure that is as attractive as you can make it for potential clients to see whenever they visit it. I've pulled a few resources for you to check out that could help you with this:



You can also create Project Catalogs based on the skills and services you offer. This is a new method for our freelancers to have clients come to them, giving freelancers the opportunity to create ‘projects’ that are pre-scoped with price, deliverables, and timeline. Clients can then search for these projects via a series of category pages (specific skills) and purchase them in just a few clicks.


Lastly, feel free to sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork.

~ Luiggi
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Have you sended the custom proposal. Or have just used same proposal for the 60. Try to use custom proposal and customize it according to the requirement of the clients. Most of the time the custom proposal win the job while the copy paste is just wasting of time.

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Hey Genevieve,


It is very discouraging for a freelancer to not have been hired in two months. 


However, at the beginning, everyone faces this problem, so don't give up and try to write an energetic proposal that includes everything the client requires. Send 2-3 proposals per day and make each proposal different from the other, based on client requirements.

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