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Sorry, Local Funds Transfer to this bank is not available

Hi everyone, I´m trying to set up the payment method but when I enter my SWIFT code, I get this message: Sorry, Local Funds Transfer to this bank is not available.


I´ve tried with tow different banks and neither worked. Does any other person have the same problem? Or it´s just that I´m from another country? 


Thanks and good vibes 😄

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Well I never have this issue. I suggest checking your swift code or get your swift code by calling the bank helpline.

My second suggestion is not to use local bank transfer. Anyhow its totally your decision which payment method you want to use.

I suggest using paypal or payoneer. 

Paypal does not operate in my country so i have the experience with payoneer.

The reason that I am suggesting not to use local transfer is that there will be too much currency conversion difference. 

But with the using payoneer,  there is 2 $ fees sending to your payoneer account. In payoneer account you can send your money to local bank.

But as far as your original problem is concerned i think you are not entering the right swift code.


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Hi Monica, Please check this link in entering the proper format for your swift and bank codes. Let us know if we may be of further assistance. 

~ Jo-An

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