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Spam ads posted every 5 minutes

I know this same issue has been brought up here countless times but it just seems to be getting progressively worse every time I check for new jobs. In the past hour, 8 consecutive clearly fake spam job ads have been posted within 3 to 5 minutes from each other under the translation tag (for several languages). So far, all I hear is that we should flag these posts and move on, but it's gotten to a point were soon we'll spend more time flagging irrelevant posts than applying to actual jobs. Basically, I was just wondering when any kind of effective measure is going to be taken in regards to this issue, which has been going on for months and months with no end in sight. Thanks in advance.

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Exactly, Like such posts should be bannded by upwork. Even i have seen posts where the clients openly mentioned their whatsapp number.
I wonder why is upwork not taking any action.

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