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Spam contract

Hi Community, 


I have again recevied one spam contract today and another client has share with me .scr extension file.


I haven't accepted that offer. What should I do now? 


Why I am getting spam contract? Upwork team, please look into this matter.

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You can flag it or ignore.

Its a strange: newbies receiving viruses and going to download\run anything. But you are toprated, should be excluded from list. Maybe scammer's bot broken.

Hi Mykola, Thanks for your response.

Okay, I will ignore it, but will my JSS effect?

No. Only feedbacks affect JSS.

Rejected proposals dont matter. Fell free to reject anything you don't like. Your JSS is safe before you accepted proposal.

Proposals or job offer right?

Yep. After contract started your JSS can be dropped with feedback. No conract - no affect.

Okay, got it. I am going to decline that offer and there will be no affect on my JSS.

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