Spam job interview invitations - multiple times

I am being bombarded with spam job interview invitations with the same job title ("PHP Coder $70/ Per Hour") and job description. So far I have received 5 interviews.

It is clearly spam and I think upwork spam detection system is not working.

I even went ahead and disabled my work availability.

Here is my few suggestions to tackle such issues

(1) Allow us to set somewhere where we can block invitations from clients without verified payment method.

(2) If the job descriptions are the same (you could use NLP to detect some variations?), hold the invitations for manual review before sending notifications. Can be verified by you or the us, ourselves.

(3) The url posted in the job description should be scraped and analyzed for competitor service so that such job posts can be tagged spam right away. Needless to say, the spammer is trying to advertise their freelancing site with the job posts. [I am sure this is violations of your terms and conditions.]


Please consider these suggestions. Also, in the meanwhile please take care of this issue.


Thank you.


Oh I'd love to haver some kind of setting where I can select which invitations I receive.Like country, budget etc. 

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So true.

I hate to say this, but I really wish not to receive job invitations from clients from my own country! Cat LOL


Upwork is now being loaded with spammers and fake job offers. 

When you decline an invitation, you have the opportunity to block that particular client from sending more invitations to you.  Not perfect, as the spammers keep showing up as new clients, but it's something anyway.

that is what i did everytime. kept popping up with new accounts.