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Spam job posting flooding my feed for the past 3 days

can someone take action on this? This job posting is all I can see for the past 3 days, I can hardly see any relevant job posts because it is spamming my feed so much


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Tbh, think the link is probably dangerous as well

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You might want to try the advanced search and filter out https://bit.ly/.


That might work. Tested it. It works.

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I think Upwork could easily create security measures to avoid spamming. It's becoming really annoying on my feed as well.


A few suggestions:


-block shortened URLs on job posts

-block phone numbers on job posts

-block email addresses on job posts

-demand a minimal amount of words on the job post description 

-block identical job posts on the same day from the same account 

-block sharing of contact information on the messaging app before a contract is established


It's not like this is something new, you know.  Companies have been implementing security features to avoid spam for ages, and most of these measures should be pretty simple to adopt. 

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