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Spam messages sent from me?

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Natasa R Member Since: Feb 2, 2012
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You're welcome! :-)
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Natasa R Member Since: Feb 2, 2012
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See? I knew you would figure it out. ;-) The Engineering team wouldn't be able to help you either way. Muhammad, delete the company name from your comment otherwise the mods will, and you will get another warning from them. It's the same company I tried to inform you earlier today before it got deleted by the mod.
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Muhammad Adnan Y Member Since: Oct 18, 2011
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Thanks for the advice. Rules are for helping people not to give them hard time. Knowing a company name can help so many people. But hey rules are rules.
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Nelson L Member Since: May 22, 2011
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Hi i thought i was the only person having this problem. it started last year in November. It is defintely not a hacked account because one person can't send 20 messages within a few seconds. i tried blocking incoming emails from my email account, changed my email password, changed my odesk email, reformatted my computer, used odesk from another computer, and even tried the anti virus way and nothing! the messages still keeps sending. This only affects odesk because my elance account is cool as well as my other email accounts. I had to stay awaw from odesk since January. When i started work just recently, the spam returned. Odesk only has the solution to prevent this. Can they just pinpoint the issue and quash it?
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Muhammad Adnan Y Member Since: Oct 18, 2011
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Hi, I have found the solution for the automated spamming problem that I was facing. I am really disappointed from Odesk that they still haven't contacted me and their technical team is not even responding to the ticket regardless of this being their primary job and they are earning a lot of money. I am really disappointed. Coming back to the solution. I recently recieved a request from very good friend of my mine of some new social media site. I accepted the request and gave my gmail username and password to import my contact list from *****. The name of that website is ****. Once they are authorised they can send email to every contact in my account on behalf of me. As Odesk messages coming to mail account can be replied from within mail account and the email address for these messages corresponds to some message in Odesk inbox. So that spamming website got those emails and was now sending emails to all emails it extracted from my mail account. The solution for this is not to accept any request from any unknow website even coming from your known contacts because those contacts are also the victims. If someone like me have authroised the website then immediately change the password of email. Also as I was using ***** I had to go Security Tab in ***** and in the Accounts Permission section I had to revoke the authorization for respective website. So if anyone having the same problem, can follow these simple steps. I hope that no more spam messages are sent now.
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Arslan I Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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Hi, I am also facing the same issue. I have tried everything but, couldn't fix the issue. I have made contact with oDesk support and they told me that tey are looking into the issue.


They also told me that many users have came up withe same issue. I hope that this issue will be fixed soon.

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Nelson L Member Since: May 22, 2011
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I found another simple solution for this. Obviously the spam is coming from your email. Even the odesk team notified me of the same. It appears whenever you use the odesk tracker, it triggers the spam in a way i can't explained. It's just that i have been observing it. 



In my case, The spam messages always leaves a number, so when i confronted him he said he didn't know about it. I am thinking he used a black hat method for email marketing causing the spam.


The trick is to go to your notifications in your account settings and then turn off all notifications to your email. Uncheck everything! as soon as i did that, it's been one month and nothing has happened so far.  I did this even before the odesk team gave their solution. They were kind enough to mute some threads in my account.


This is a major, major loophole and i am hoping odesk solves this once and for all otherwise it could cause a major problem in the future.


and another advice, if you see such spam messages always alert odesk. Don't assume it will just go away. Otherwise all your employers will report your account and you will be suspended.

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Leonora T Member Since: Jan 14, 2015
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Anyone found resolutionon this? Been happening on my account for 2 days and all my Odesk contacts getting angry at me. What should I do?


Already contact Odesk support several times and got no help at all. Please help!

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Evgeniya K Member Since: Jan 19, 2015
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Hi guys,


I have the same issue. Did you get a response from the technical team about it?

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Bozho I Member Since: Jan 21, 2015
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I have a file attached onto my project from the project's developer **edited for Community Guidelines**. When I download and extracted the file directly from the oDesk side, the file turned to be CTB-Locker virus who encrypted my PC files.


The developer is completely shocked about the issue, as he stated this is not in relation to this scam activity!


I asked oDesk on how to process, as their system is the one who allowed virus upload... and because of them my PC got harmed.


Waiting to hear from them, as ransom must be paid and I am avail to share py PC via Team Viewer.