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Spam / scam job postings...

There are far too many scam / spam job postings polluting the project searches. I believe there should be better "policing" of these projects, and a great start would be that no client should be able to post a project until their payment is verified.


All of these scam / spam job postings have that in common, their payment method has not been verified. By requiring a payment method to be verified, which I cannot believe this isn't a requirement already, as us Freelancers have to jump through hoops in order to bid on a project, with photo id's, etc.., would weed out nearly all fake scam / spam job postings.

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I have not created a Client account in Upwork, so I am not sure about the process of creating and submitting a job posting. But I agree that a good start to weeding out the spam job postings is to verify payment methods. The only problem with this is, scammer networks often setup valid payment methods, but find a way to game the system.

If Upwork allows payments using cryptocurrency (i.e., Bitcoin) and moblie payment applications, both are subject to scams because they can be tied to fraudulent bank accounts. Also, there are several ways to send and receive money through mobile payment apps even if you do not have a bank account.

If Upwork allows bank checking/savings accounts as the only veriable payment method, then the paper trail becomes smaller, and weeding out the spammers may get easier.

The thing is, Upwork is a for-profit business, so they will likely continue to allow clients to use any legitimate payment method--even if those methods are not verified before they post their jobs.

I think requiring any payment verification would definately slow scammers down, as it's much more work. Right now they can post a new scam project in seconds, have freelancers respond / reply / bid, etc... all within minutes.

Also, because UpWork staff do not work / police on weekends, before / after 9-5 Eastern Time, scammers are more prolific during those times, payment verification would slow them down tremendously.


The bank checking account verification process takes at least a day or two.

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The need for Upwork to better police the postings is necessary. I have had Upwork notify me that jobs I have applied for were subsequently pulled because of violations and I was given a credit. Is it one of profit that more is not done or is it the lack of person power, as I was not aware they do not work on the weekends. 

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It is concerning that Upwork has limited or no staff working weekends. But I am not so sure the policing or lack of policing of spam is a staffing problem.


I believe many spam job postings are auto-generated using bots. This might be an issue with Upwork's client verification or job posting process, which is something they could tweak to help weed out the bots. Meaning, Upwork staff probably does not manually verify the identities of clients the same way it does freelancers and spam jobs are posted because there is no initial filter.


Also, those client job postings that are pulled due to violations may not be flagged or pulled manually; rather, there is likely a program (not a staffer) that identifies malicious content and automatically pulls the job posting, just like the program that identifies banned/restricted words in these Forums and prevents you from posting.


I do agree that a good first step is to require payment verification before posting a job. I do not see Upwork changing that though.

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Payment verification means Upwork runs three tiny charges that are reversed. However, most people don’t know their card number has been stolen, and by the time they do, the thieves have used the card. In this situation, the bank claws back the money from the freelancer. No business, including Upwork, is going to go up against the banks and current U.S. law.


Payment verification means nothing. Upwork does nothing to verify clients, and they aren’t going to start vetting them now. Clients have enough difficulties navigating the hiring process, any impediments to putting up a job ad will deter clients.


The only thing that will drive away the scammers is drought. The unlimited freelancers and connects brought about by Upwork are magnets for the thieves. Easy pickings. Until freelancer limitations starve out the majority of the scammers, or the freelancers follow the rules, they will stay and feast. I see scam ads that have every red flag, and violate common sense in any culture or region, with 50+ applicants.


Unfortunately, any simple vetting of the client can be faked. Any extra hassle when setting up a job post is considered a hindrance to clients. I think the larger issue is how much it would cost to investigate potential clients. The human hours alone would cause freelancer fees to rise. I’m OK with a bit of an increase, but I suspect it would be untenable for most freelancers.




Yes, and that extra hassle for clients is not good for Upwork, so they make the job posting process as painless as possble.


Upwork makes money because of its clients, not because of its freelancers. If Upwork shows leniency in verifying payment methods, authenticating information, or verifying identity, it will be towards clients and not freelancers.


Hi everyone,


Many of you noted challenges that our teams are working to address, including higher than usual volumes of scam posts, constantly changing methods of scam accounts and gaps in user education around Upwork TOS and safety. I want to assure you we are working on opportunities to address these on all fronts. I encourage you to check out this post for more details. We’ll continue sharing updates and information around the team’s initiatives as they become available.

~ AJ
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And as sure as the Sun rises each morning, yet another spam / scam posting, which happens multiple times a day...


Clear red flags here:


1. Keyword: TEMU, obviously they can change the keyword, and have, but this should have been immediately flagged as this has been repeated for months as SPAM/SCAM.

2. Clearly a BOT as this type of post is repeated daily with the exact same wording over and over: "The successful candidate will be able to quickly understand and resolve issues,and drive projects to completion."

3. "We're looking for people interested in online shopping", this is not a job posting, doesn't match "Front-End Developer"

4. Payment not verified.

5. A simple internal UpWork database seaarch could / should flag posts like this suspect as it is clearly repeated within multiple categories.


Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 7.50.50 AM.png

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