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Specialized Profile Advice

Hi All,


I would love some advice around specialized profiles.


In the last few years I have dedicated my time to data visualization. I am, however, a graphic/digital/print designer as well and currently do work in both areas of expertise. I want to take on additional work in the graphic design area, but I opted to market myself as a data visualization expert. Should I rather make my general profile about graphic/digital/print and have data visualization as a specialized profile or alternatively, have it the other way round?


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.




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Hey Saul,


Data visualization is a lot more unique at this time. This is what is HOT now. You can offer graphic design and those types of services but as you can see, their are thousands of others doing just that. I am sure its a lot more than thousands : )

Hey Samer! Appreciatte the response. Can't disagree with you at all. Will probably keep things as they are for now.

Happy to Help. Good Luck!

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You might want to take a look at how I have used mine.   I specialize in development and then more PM/BA/managerial stuff as well.  So, my General profile kind of 'highlights' both of those fields and only high-level key skills for both (because the General profile only allows like 10 skills, I believe), but my specialized profiles really dig DEEP into the skills for each area in which I specialize, and that is where most of my views and contacts come from.  The 'General' profile often doesn't contain enough skills to come up in search results for clients looking for really specific tech skills in my industry, but my 'specialized' profiles show up more often. 


Obviously, only list skills you truly offer, but think like a client who would be searching for a freelancer for a particular role when you fill in the specialized profile.  For example, an IT client is rarely looking for just anybody that can do 'databases', but specifically needs Oracle, or MySQL,  and ETL expert etc.  Nobody is looking for a  'generic programmer', but they are looking for deep skills in certain languages.   All of those special skills can't fit on the General profile, so put them on the specialized profile:  

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