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Specialized Profile

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Lester B Member Since: Sep 22, 2018
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So I am doubting on updating my profile since some other clients may not view it as then jsut skim through freelancers and look for interesting things.


What are the benefits of upgrading/updating profile?

Whats the pros and cons (If there is,)?

Cause agencies or those looking for work seems like skimming only through freelancers profile.

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Riri A Member Since: Jul 21, 2018
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Hi Lester,


While we won't be able to advice agencies and clients with how they select freelancers, you can definitely create a proposal and a profile that would make you stand out from everyone else. You may want to check out these articles from our Hiring Headquarters to help you create proposals that win jobs, and help you boost your career on Upwork:


8+ Tips to Help You Create a Profile That Stands Out

Upwork Profiles: Why a Great Title and Overview Can Make a Difference

A How-To Guide for Your Perfect Profile Picture

Get Your Profile to the Next Level with an Intro Video

4 Ways to Create a More Successful Portfolio Regardless of Your Skill Set


Also regarding since you also asked about specialized profiles, please see help article. I'm also reposting Lena's post below: 


Specialized profiles are now being expanded to all categories. Starting today, freelancers from all categories will gradually begin to see the option to create a specialized profile. As we roll this out to all freelancers over the next couple of weeks, freelancers will see a pop-up when they login that will notify them of this feature and of how to complete their specialized profile.


As you may recall in our announcement last year, specialized profiles give freelancers the ability to market and highlight their expertise in specific skill sets through separate profiles for each skill. For example, a freelancer may work as a graphic designer and also a web developer, but it can be complicated to make one profile highlight completely different skills. With specialized profiles, freelancers can create tailored profiles with specific overviews, relevant work histories, and portfolio items to showcase their experience. They can also market themselves at a rate applicable for that specific skill. The specialized profiles appear as tabs on the general profile page.

Let me know if there's anything else. 

~ Riri
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Zain A Member Since: Feb 9, 2019
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Specialized profile is a nice touch for when a Proposal you're sending doesn't match your current profile's description, so potential clients don't see you as fishy. For example, if the profile says technical writing but your proposal says animation, the client will be confused. Besides, it's neater: Instead of a single profile saying "Butter Smooooth 2D Animation and Highly Detailed Technical Writing!" you can have a dedicated profile for each of those skills.


By the way.....


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Lester B Member Since: Sep 22, 2018
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can i delete my general profile?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Lester B wrote:

can i delete my general profile?

Obviously not. The only way would be to close your account

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Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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Upwork really seem to be pushing specialized profiles. Not only do I see a big message about them every time I view my own profile, but now I also get a message about them in every job post I look at. It's a pity these messages don't have one of those "Don't remind me again for 30 days" checkboxes.

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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