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Spring Cleaning - Questions about what appears in my profile / account

Periodically I re-evaluate what shows up in my profile, take tests related to new things I offer, and so on. This year, I've got a few questions about things I should be maybe be paying more attention to.

Responsiveness - As far as I know, this was rolled out in December of 2014, however, it's not yet showing up on my profile. On the Profile Settings page, I see this message:

"Your responsiveness score hasn't been set yet. It will be determined after you receive and respond to a few more job invitations"

Since this function was rolled out, I've received client messages and responded within 12 hours or less, declined maybe 9 jobs in less then 12 hours, and accepted 1 job within minutes, plus quick communication with said client.  So at this point, I have to ask, is all that not enough, or is something else going on? Note: It's possible that because I am only doing long term jobs, there simply hasn't been enough "new" activity since this launched.

Availability - I'm currently very busy with 2 clients. One contract is likely to end later this year. My next probable availability date is showing on my profile. Will this hurt or help me in the long run?

To Video or Not to Video - I do not have a video on my profile. I could make one, but am not sure it's worth the effort. Thoughts, comments?

Showing up in Search Results - A few weeks before I marked myself un-available, I used the "search freelancers" function to see where I was in search results for various terms. Results were negative across the board. I did this for about a week, as follows:

  • While logged into my account - various terms, searched 3 different days, never saw myself in the results
  • While not logged in at all - various terms, searched 2 different days, never saw myself in the results
  • While logged in via a clients account - various terms, searched 3 different days, never saw myself in the results

Currently, my Profile overview reflects the search terms I used, in addition I have test results for a couple related job types. I'll be looking for some additional tests to take, or re-taking some that I didn't get a good score on.

My Portfolio Bites - Generally speaking, the sort of work I do doesn't really generate anything useful to put in my Portfolio. I found an inspiring portfolio a couple of months ago, and wonder if I should go this route:

  1. Create some "this is how I approach what I do professionally", using either a PDF, or static image
  2. Create a "I solved these problems for clients", using either a PDF or a static image.
  3. Create something else I haven't thought of.

Note: Currently my service niche is project management, with a slant on Internet Marketing. When one of my contracts concludes, I will be adding Scum project management to this list.

Employment History - Is it appropriate to list contractor jobs here? I've read conflicting data on this topic.

And finally, a really big concern:

Earlier this year I received a job invite from a new client. The actual job was public and was related to web development. However I was hired on as a project manager on the same posted job. At this point, I am wondering if this was a big mistake. I'm learning Scrum while working for this client, and THAT is super important to my ongoing, future career on oDesk. Should I ask this client to create a new job so that this will show up on my profile down the line? The client is super great, and if I asked for this in an appropriate manner, he would not take it amiss.

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