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Starting a new milestone for a repeat client

Is it possible to start a new milestone (for the same client) once a job is complete, or does the client have to go through the invitation process all over again?


I am also interested in hearing the answer. I only know about paying a bonus for added work done.
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As long as the client does not close the job, he/she can add a new milestone. 

Thanks for replying Julie.


I requested payment on one milestone, if the client approves and pays, can he then create another milestone, or have I 'completed' the job by requesting payment?

You're welcome!


Once you client accepts the work, he/she can set up a new milestone. They can also set milestones in advance and then fund them one at a time. 

*Resurrecting this old post*


If I complete a milestone, then the client decides to award me extra work on a different project by adding a new milestone, does the Success Score algorithm treat this as repeat work? Or does the algorithm only look at how many separate countracts I've had?


Second question: If a client has ended a contract but wishes to rehire me, do they need to post a new job advert to the community, or can they invite me specifically to carry out one new job?

Hi Paul,


Thank you for your questions. Here are some answers:


- Long-term relationships and not the number or contracts with a client benefit your Job Success score. Long-term client is a client you have been working for at least 3 months over one or multiple contracts.


- A client can rehire you directly by going to their Freelancers tab > Past Hires and sending an offer directly to you. Alternatively they can post a private job post and invite you to apply.


I hope it helps.

~ Valeria

Valeria, thank you for the clarification. A quick question - would Elance clients count as long-term? I have a client that I worked with on Elance and now I had to more to Upwork.

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Community Manager

Hi Ivan,


We count long-term relationships and rehires as good outcome from both Upwork and Elance platforms.


Hope this clarifies things!

~ Avery