Stats page data missing and not working properly





I have been noticing that the data on the 'Stats' page keeps bugging... One moment there is data on it, however reliable, and at another moment it's all gone. At the moment it doesnt show my invitations, and even my hires are not displayed correctly... some days the whole page is empty. Some days it's not.. 


I wonder if this is being fixed by the admins? Has it always been this unreliable ? 





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jacques,


Does the issue go away when you clear cache and cookies or refresh the page? Could you please take a screenshot of what you see on My Stats page next time you experience this issue?

~ Valeria


Tried refreshing and clearing the cache, not sure where the issue is coming from. Maybe the 'chrome' brower?


Here's a screenshot.




It looks okay to me. The communication section is empty for now but it'll fill up once you receive and respond to more invitations.

~ Valeria

Ah but you see, I have received multiple invitations, also my stats on being hired hasn't moved at all compared to the other ones even though I have gotten hired 3 times in the last 10 days.





"Invitations" refer to situations when the client reaches out to you first and invites you to submit a proposal to their job. You've had clients accept your proposals, but so far you haven't had invitations. That's why that section of My Stats is empty for you.

~ Valeria

I can assure you that I have been invited. Without a doubt. 

On an unreated note: The fact that you were viewed above average times, and interviewed below average times, underlines that your profile would benefit from a complete overhaul as has been stressed in your previous threads.


It proves that your profile, as it is now, is stopping clients from wanting to disuss their projects with you.

MY interviews are actually above average at the moment, the hiring rate is much higher too it just hasn't move even though I've gotten hired 3 times since , that is why I made this post. It doesn't show the correct data. 😉

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jacques,


Could you please confirm you're seeing the same issue when using a different browser?


If you believe your stats are incorrect, please submit a support request and include all the relevant information, so our team can take a detailed look and advise.



Here is the problem again , now the stats are completely empty again...

Which browser are you using?