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Status check shows zero views of profile

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Nazimuddin Najibul H Member Since: Sep 3, 2015
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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum so please bear with any mistakes that I might make. 


I have been getting very few profile views for the past few months, I asked one of my clients to check out if there were any discrepancies and he was kind enough to help me out. He told me that when I had posted my job application it was under the hidden category.


I have pretty healthy reviews from my clients and have a 4.7 overall rating. 


Can you guys help me understand the problem here?


Thank you



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Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
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The hidden category has been the subject of discussion in some other threads. I must say a lot of folks don't even know it exists.



While it may have it's  merit  , it also has it demerits .


I am sure that there are some clients who have found very good freelancers under the hidden category.


Unfortunately some clients will not bother with this tab or see it as a negative for proposal / lancers grouped under it.


If ( and when) it gets taken away , I am looking forward to seeing it's impact i,e if  quality lancers will land  more gigs.


Till then........



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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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I recently posted a job and the best person was hidden. I always check that folder and I think many other clients do.


The reason the freelancer was hidden was due to their own description of their work and the skills they had chosen. I think once people learn how to do these things properly the hidden folder will no longer be necessary.