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Stephane Kasriel - Owes Us An Explanation

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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I think it's time for the CEO to tell us what is going on, what is being done to fix issues, and what they will be doing in the future to prevent this from happening again.


At the very least he owes freelancers and clients an explanation.

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Velimir V Member Since: Mar 23, 2015
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Cairenn R Member Since: Aug 19, 2015
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He's too busy promoting UW as a unicorn corporation. 


I think it's time to take business elsewhere. 







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Mark G Member Since: Jan 25, 2015
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I've sent him a tweet. Doubt I'll hear anything back but worth a try.

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Natasa R Member Since: Feb 2, 2012
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Thank you Mark!    

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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 I don't think he's a unicorn yet - at least not according to Fortune.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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"K" reminds me of the Demand Media eHow debacle and Rosenblatt, and that was NOT a good time for freelance writers.

Ron aka LanWanMan
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Nikki G Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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Ugh...I was a victim of that, too. Hope the second time isn't the charm.


I have started looking more seriously outside of Upwork...however, still work with my current clients. I don't intend to put all "my eggs in one basket," especially with the addition of the flawed Job Success Score.


My biggest problem recently is I've gotten errors saying the site is offline.


We'll see what happens...




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Geoff F Member Since: Aug 20, 2015
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In a professional company, a responsible CEO would have fronted long ago with a heartfelt apology, an explanation as to the problem/s and a run down on what they are doing to address it.


The deafening silence speaks volumes about what they think of their clients and contractors whose livelihoods are being affected by these ongoing and worsening problems.

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi Jean and others,

Stephane and the team have been heavily involved in trying to get these recent issues fixed. We just posted this announcement thread here from Hayden, our Head of Product.