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Stephane Kasriel - Owes Us An Explanation

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Olivier P Member Since: May 25, 2015
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Garnor,  it is not just apologizes that asked . It is a road map from your CEO because everybody here feel that the website go the wrong way  ( JS with no transpqrency, hidden proposals, slow site, mqny bugsm rss feed not working,  more and more strange job offers and less and less interviews and the worse : our clients are angry ! ). We have all , here , more or less , a businness that we need  and it is important to know the rules and where we go .


i can continue to work her on Upwork but what i do if my clients want to leave because of these problems and the changing of philosophy ?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Urm, it's taken 2 days to get permission to have someone say:


"We're sorry and we're working on it and we'll let you know when it's fixed?"


Oh and "Thank you for your patience" (If I see that one more time I'll scream)


Come on guys!


Might as well have used a canned response from the canned response bucket.


It doesn't actually say anything at all.


Funnily enough I was actually far more reassured by that reddit thing.  On one hand it made me cringe because clearly someone is saying things they clearly shouldn't, on the hand what it said made sense and explained things.


A hell of a lot of the massive negative impact of what has been happening over the past couple of days could have been contained or even avoided had someone stepped out and said "Right Peple, this is what happened, this is why it happened, this is what the impact was and we'll have it fixed by the weekend, please bear with us!"


Not in detail, not with any "secret info" but surely someone up there must see that releasing a statement that's not addressing a thing (essentially) is like standing on a tower above a burning city telling people that you understand it's a bit warm down there, are sorry that the houses are burning down, and that a cup of water will be available at an unspecified point in the future to fight the fire....